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    I see these once and a while but thought it was entertaining. A couple guys at work today were talking about gaming and I talked how myself or others can go up to unhealthy amounts of playing at a time: when I finished my task for the day I heard them laughing in the back of the store. After asking them what they were laughing about, they started telling me they thought how funny it would be if I wore diapers while playing for so long. I made a sarcastic joke that in order to be dedicated you need those kind of sacrifices and it ended there.

    Just one of those, "only if they knew."

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    Back in 1994 when I taught at a girl school there was as article about ABs and an AB club in the UK called "Hush-a-bye-baby". The article was translated to Hebrew from English Sun magazine.
    A few days later a couple of girls labeled me as an AB (so it seemed to me). At that point I didn't even own any diapers....
    My teaching job didn't last....

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