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Thread: Hello all.

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    Default Hello all.

    Name is Robert - live in Ontario, Canada.
    I'm not interested in the AB side of diaper wearing, I just love to wear them and pee in them (#2 is really gross).
    When I was a teen, I used to make plastic pants out of garbage bags. Loved to do it even in my forties. Fifties now - tried paper diaper but didn't like the feel and they flooded/ leaked too easily. About five years ago, I tried cloth diapers and loved the feeling. Now I get "all-in-one" diapers - thick cloth pull-up diapers that look like jockey shorts and have a water-resistant outer layer. I put one on, then a plastic pant over it, then a larger plastic pant and find this does a good job preventing leaks. I like to wear them when alone at home and when sleeping - they are so warm and comfortable. Over the last year or so, I have begun to pee in them and it is as addictive as wearing diapers. I like the feel and weight of a soaked one sagging between my legs as I walk. Unlike paper, cloths will hold three or four good pees and instead of just a layer in the middle getting wet, the pee wicks through the entire diaper and it feels great as it climbs up your ass and sides of your legs and all over. I love to saturate the diaper and wear it all day if I can. I think part of the enjoyment is the pissing - you feel it come out and soak in - it has to be real pee too - water or other liquids just don't feel the same. Got a dry one on now - hope it's soaked by morning. Hope to make some new friends here (ladies) who enjoy wearing and wetting their diapers too.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    Your story starting with garbage bags is a common theme for many of us (I, am an exception - I never tried the garbage bag diaper). I'm sure you will find many people here with your same interests.

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