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Thread: Can I Lounge In A Wet Nappy Without Leaks?

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    Default Can I Lounge In A Wet Nappy Without Leaks?

    Hey everybody, I really hope you are all well, once again I feel bad for constantly asking questions, being brand new to wearing Nappies.

    Basically when I put a Nappy on I have to be very careful to not get caught and what I do is just make sure my house is going to be free and even when my house is free I am still petrified of family coming home, so when I wear Nappies I just lay down under my bed covers and wet my Nappy and literately do not move until I decide to take it off.

    However, what I really want to do and what I am going to try and do is just try lounging in a Nappy, I want to sit up in a Nappy and just move around etc and enjoy my Nappy. When I have used a Nappy and taken it off, for some strange reason I press on the padding and notice liquid trying to escape (I believe this is called a press leak?). This has just got me very worried and unsure and untrustworthy as to whether I can sit on my Nappy without it leaking (because I have seen how liquid tries to escape when I press on the padding and obviously if I am sitting on it then it will be a lot worse?)

    I am just wondering and would please like to ask if my Nappy will perhaps just keep all of the liquid inside my Nappy even if I am directly sitting on wet padding, could the liquid still be trying to escape but not doing so as long as there are no gaps for it to leak out of?

    I am very sorry if this post is confusing, I feel very stupid with all my questions, it's just I see lots of people on Tumblr etc just lounging around in full wet nappies and just think "how do they not get a press leak" and I would absoloutely love to just lounge around in my Nappy, sitting however I want

    Thank you with all my heart to everybody who helps me out here, I just hope I can return the favour in the future.

    It's also my Nappy Birthday tomorrow haha Going to be 24 and still very happily in Nappies

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    This is a question that most people don't have to deal with but it's pretty present in some form or another for many ABDLs. The answer is: yes, you can, but there are risks. As soon as you introduce liquid to this situation, there is a risk of a leak. You can reduce this by picking a good diaper, putting it on right, learning the diaper's capacity, not stressing it past what you expect, or even wearing plastic pants or using a pad. I'm cautious and I rarely leak. Despite that, I've had a leak even while using a pad. I think they're fairly inevitable over time but you can minimize them with care.

    If you're going to be cautious (paranoid?), be very mindful of the state of your diaper. You don't need to go around squeezing it to try to get liquid out but feeling should give you a good sense of where it's at. Peeing sitting down is one of the riskier diaper endeavors. If you're very concerned, I'd tend to avoid that one and stick to standing or lying down (presuming proper penis orientation). I worry I'm making this sound more complicated and fraught with danger than it really is but if you're absolutely determined to avoid any possible leak, you will have to be a bit paranoid or lucky. Experience is really the best thing for it.

    Happy birthday, btw

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    Talking from experience..

    Lounging in a nappy is pretty easy. What I do is if I have people around the house I know that someone is coming over I wear a waterproof over my nappy. I then put on a pair of underwear briefs. The briefs hold everything in place.
    You got to be conscious of how wet your nappy is. Once I wet second or third time, depending how much I wet, I then keep an eye on it. But the waterproofs always seems to save the day. But again you need to watch cause the waterproofs will only hold so much.
    You will learn as time goes by and you will get braver and start wearing more and more.
    Enjoy the time when wearing. Start slowly and progress from there.

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    I live in similar situation but I lounge in wet and messy nappy with plastic pants on ,the one I'm wearing now I've had on since 9:30 last night and still got it on and I've been up 2 hours

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    I usually wear a wet nappy all day. I love the feeling of being wet

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    One of the biggest factors concerning "press out" is how much SAP (super absorbing polymer) your diaper has in it. SAP will absorb and HOLD the liquid in place, but be aware it may take a minute or two for this to happen. Cheaper diapers tend to have less SAP and more pulp, which will also absorb liquid, but is very prone to press out, just like a sponge. Generally speaking if your diaper really swells up when wet it probably has a fairly high SAP percentage. If it doesn't swell much it has a high pulp percentage and will be more prone to press out. Hope this helps.

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    meh, I just set down a bath towel folded in half, that's MORE than enough to deal with anything but the most catastrophic leak. No need to go crazy with disposable pads or anything exotic when a regular bath towel works fine.

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    I like the feeling of being wet also but last Friday night to Saturday morning in a very wet Bianco i have the worst diaper rash that i have ever had. So be careful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WABX View Post
    I like the feeling of being wet also but last Friday night to Saturday morning in a very wet Bianco i have the worst diaper rash that i have ever had. So be careful.
    "Don't abuse your skin", it WILL ruin the fun for you, for at least a few days. That's been my experience, anyway.

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