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    Hi everyone,

    So I'm around the age where one gets wisdom teeth, and since I was in another country for the past year I didn't go to the dentists for quite some time. Meanwhile, my wisdom teeth have started to break through, and bloody hell does it hurt! I can totally understand why babies cry when teething, I'm pretty whiny myself lately. My mum even suggested getting me a teething ring and I actually might take her up on that's like you're constantly chewing on the inside of your own mouth and I can barely eat solid food sometimes.

    Did anyone go through the same? Do teething rings really help or what did you do against the pain? And no, I won't get them removed, since they seem to grow out pretty straight and they might close the gap in my front row of teeth.

    Hugs and cuddles,

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    Hi sis I hear

    I was a few years a go my wisdom teeth come through and i can the pain. Don't know about the teething ring worth giving it a try. It might help tack your mind of it.

    a Pacifier still carms me down and dresses me.

    The pain does stop once they are fully through.

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    The problem is that sucking on a pacifier makes it worse... Not a happy kid at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schwanensee View Post
    The problem is that sucking on a pacifier makes it worse... Not a happy kid at the moment.
    Don't know what else to suggest is your mum the type that will give you a cuddle.

    You could try swinging your mouth out with liquid paracetamol this may help.

    Other than that you just have to be a brave little soldier for a while.

    It's ok big boys do cry and little ones definitely do.

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    when I had my wisdom teeth start to come in when I was 26, and they had to remove them all at once. they were pushing almost strait at my other teeth. so the dentist had me go to the hospital and he had them removed all at one time.
    but after words I got a bad infection in my throat and had to go on antibiotics for a week

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    I had a damp washcloth that I would teethe on when my wisdoms started breaking through.

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    You might put a little Brandy or whisky on your gums, but most of us have our wisdom teeth pulled. It's not pleasant but it ends the pain.

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    I never had to go through the teething pain for my wisdom teeth. Like others, my teeth were coming in bad and my mouth really wasn't large enough for them. Therefore the dentist said I should have them taken out. I went to the hospital because all four were taken out at one time. For me, I had very little pain and soreness. The soreness and pain lasted less then 24 hours.

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    I had wisdom teeth that would break through and then cover over again. I had terrible sinus inflections at the same time this would happen. It went on for a few years. Finally my dentist said they were showing some decay, either fix them or pull them. I had them pulled a few weeks later with just a local. The dentist ended up cancelling his next 2 appointment to finish the job. I went back to work and them drove 300kms to go fishing that, those little orange pills were good....the sinus infections ended and the pain ended also....just don't go back to work afterwards or drive 300kms...I never did know what the orange pills were, the dentist got them as samples...

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    Ok chew a frozen ego waffle it will help lots soft and cold .
    That what helps babys teething.

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