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    Hi everyone Sis I hear.

    LittleBelle had this idea sometime last year and it's come up in conversation a couple of times.

    The Idea of ABDL Little camp uk.

    And i was wondering how many of you guys would be up for it.

    This is how I am see it working. We book some where for a long week end Friday to Monday.
    It would be easier for me if it was in Torquay Devon for the first one if I organised it.

    The Purpose of doing this is so we can all get together And meet each other. Play games, Going Places as a group. Day trips. And have fun. And No Silly grown up yucky stuff.

    You can bring your grown ups to help out if we get in a model, but they have to behave themselves.

    Although it going to be in Devon Uk it is open to anyone that is ABDL Little that would would like to come.

    Please can you let me know if you are interested in coming.?

    And what sort of things would you like to do?

    Remember to keep it U or PG.
    If it some thing that your iner child would like then you are on the right track.



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    Sisi, I found this instead of camping, it has a big screen and an AstroTurf area to put bean bags on, with showers and a dining area, etc, if everyone split the costs, it would be good or we could all do a sleepover night at PlayZone in Portsmouth or Swansea, that would be really fun and the sleepovers are private so it would just be littles/AB/DL ..

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    Tommy from DPF would have camp waddle where he rented a camp ground.
    It was 450.00 dollars for a week where we could be little.
    We still have one going on in the USA on the east coast some were.
    I have heard that there are play places in the UK going on every month.
    I little I watch on a furrie site I watch talk's about then one was a indoor play ground.
    So there are some going on over there.

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