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    Default Hello Y'all

    Hello.. My name is Drake and I am from texas. I became a DL just about 5 months ago. I have liked diapers when I was 10.. that was my first time, but now I am 25 and have found myself loving diapers again.
    I am also into music, bowling, and video games. The video game systems I have are X-Box 360, PS2, Wii, and N64. I am also a WoW player.
    Anyways, I hope I get to meet some of y'all.

    Take it easy,

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    Welcome, Drake Bell. ( Just Kidding!) I'm from Texas too! What part are you from?

    Ah, anyways, enjoy ADISC. We are very friendly, (Most of us) and we are helpful. Have fun!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Welcome to our community, we're always getting new folks and most of them assimilate nicely. Here's hoping you find some people that you like, and stick around.

    Post where you have something to add, make new threads about things that interest you, and we'll all get to know each other.

    Keeping in the spirit, I'll say that I have been to Texas a few

    Houston, Irving, Corpus Christi, Kingsville: the places that stick in my memory Texas is a big place.

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    Howdy , I'm one of the Texas gals here.
    Welcome to ADISC enjoy yourself and I hope to see you posting around! Don't worry we don't bite. We being everyone else but me. *grins*

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    hello welcome to adisc
    *is jelous that he only has xbox and you have 360*

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    Hi Drake and welcome. I'm from Louisiana. So we are kind of neighbors.

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    Welcome Drake : )

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