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Thread: Ever consider an abdl related tattoo?

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    Default Ever consider an abdl related tattoo?

    Just curious if anyone ever has or would consider having an abdl related tattoo made?

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    I have. I thought about something discreet like a diaper pin.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jdp View Post
    I have. I thought about something discreet like a diaper pin.
    How about one on each hip?

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    I've been thinking about tattoos lately. I never gave an ABDL-related one a thought; it's not something I would ever consider.

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    My carefully considered opinion on the matter is... NO DX

    I can understand how much more enthusiastic about this some people are. But it's opening yourself to possible assault. Imagine you're out in the summer and some drunks see that you have a diaper wearing person or something of a similar caliber on your arm. In my area at least, you'd be lucky to walk away with your life.

    Indulging in your desires is fine, but please don't push the envellope too far, society isn't ready for some things.

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    Eh, if getting a ABDL tattoo makes you happy, why not.
    Some cute little animal, letters ABDL in cool font or something like that would look pretty cool I think. Depends on how you execute it.

    There was this huge uproar when two babyfurs poster pictures of their tattoos online in the early 2000's and other one had a.. tiger?? some little baby animal in soaked diapers tattooed on himself. They received a lot of ridicule for it.

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    If I was to ever get a tattoo it would have to be Hello Kitty. I suppose Hello Kitty wearing a diaper might be cute. Doubt I would ever get a tat like that though.

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    I've thought about getting a tattoo before, but I don't have the cash, and I'm not totally sure I'd be 100% comfortable having something permanently placed on my body. As for ab/dl tattoos, something like my fursona could be cute, but I highly doubt I would ever get anything of that nature.

    As for what I would consider, it's varied. When I was younger I kinda wanted Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog. 2014 it was a wolf or a Fennekin from Pokemon. Nowadays I think about Harry Potter and Inuyasha. My interests probably change too much to decide. :P

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    I've always thought about getting a tattoo in general and couldn't think of anything I wanted for the rest of my life. But if I ever do think of something that I think would last and not get old to me, I would get it. As for an ABDL related tattoo, I don't think I would do it personally just because I keep this side of me very secret, and getting a tattoo always leads to people questioning why you got it and what it means, so would need a good excuse for people you didn't want knowing :p

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