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Thread: how to get more baby powder without parents knowing

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    Question how to get more baby powder without parents knowing

    Title says it all, basically i said a while ago that i use baby/body powder to hide the smell of a diaper that i used before i throw it away, but sometimes i might feel like using it because i like the smell. but i noticed that we are almost out, and nobody knows i use it. i was wondering if theres any advice on how or even if i should get some more?

    Idk if my parents will get more of it when they see its almost gone, because my dad sometimes uses it in his boots, and besides im also worried they will notice it disappearing.

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    You are 26 and won't buy your own baby powder and are afraid you have to justify it? You already did, it is a common use item for socks/shoes/boots. It's even fairly common in the undies in high heat/humidity environments.

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    If your dad uses it in his boots on a fairly regular basis I would not worry about replacing it. Parents have way too many impornt things to constantly worry about, how much baby powder is in the bottle is not a big concern! What you could do is buy your own, that way you don't have to worry about it as much. Buy the corn startch baby powder not the talc powder, much better for you.

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    Don't worry about it. Baby powder is a fantastic way to keep your skin from sweating, and a lot of adults use it, mainly on their feet.

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    Try a dollar store. They usually either have full size bottles or those little travel size ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColecoVision View Post
    Try a dollar store. They usually either have full size bottles or those little travel size ones.
    reminder: although the travel size costs more per oz (worse value), you can buy one small and then buy the larger to refill them. (use a funnel) The front zip of my lunchbox has a row of little bottles in it, talc, cornstarch, zeesorb, and lotion. (diaper change and plastic bag in the lid!) And I just refill them when needed. Thirft, and handy.

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    If they ask why you're using it you can say chaffing. It is a legitimate statement

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    You're over thinking it. Just buy the damn powder! It's not like you should have to explain a mundane purchase. But if you feel you need an excuse, a bit of chafing between the legs is reasonable.

    But really, as a parent myself, I can assure you that we don't question or examine every damn thing that our kids buy. Unless your folks are particularly watching you for some reason, a bottle of powder shouldn't raise any eyebrows. Sometimes it's so easy to panic yourself for no good reason.

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    Not everyone is in the same situation. I'm just giving a tip for one type.

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    If you're buying and getting diapers into the house, I wouldn't think doing the same with baby powder should be much of a problem.

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