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Thread: Is this Karma?

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    Default Is this Karma?

    Well.. I had a negative balance in my bank..

    And today I fixed a car that was sitting on the side of the road broke down, with a white flag on the antennae, and I left a note.

    I got a random bonus check 20 minutes after helping the guy out, which paid off my overdraft...

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    Karma at its' finest, or whatever you wish to call it; karma, luck, whatever... Good job, sir.

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    Karma is a wonderful is paying it forward. Well done.


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    Karma to me is sort of like religion to a extent. It could be real or it could be fake. Either way there's no way to prove it.

    I hope its real then again if it is I bet I still got karma gnawing on my ass and other "gifts" coming and I doubt it will ever end.

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    Yes, that's the idea of karma, however as Fire2box said, there's no way to see if that really is it or not. I think the main thing is people tend to notice things more when they are sudden or drastic; Things that seem a little odd tend to make them think a bit more. Whether it's self-awareness or coincidence doesn't matter though. Either way that was very kind of you, glad it worked out.

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    Sometimes being a good guy does pay off in a world where many people are in it only for themselves. Often the good person gets stepped on by the world, but not this time. Good for you.

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    I think karma works like this:

    "This guy is an arsehole, so the first chance I get to screw him over you can bet your ass I will!"

    "What a great guy! I was going to swipe his bagel later on, but after this, I might reconsider!"

    Person one does good -> Makes person 2 happy, so he does good -> Makes person 3 happy, so he does good -> ... -> Makes person 23,456,872 happy, so he does good -> Makes person one happy!

    I'd more call this a coincidence, but congrats one making somebody's day better! What goes around comes around.

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    I've always believed that what comes around, goes around. If you treat others with respect, then you will get it in return. Of course, there's always the arsehole or two that only think of themselves and be damned with the rest of us. Eventually, they get what they've been dishing out to everyone else. I think you could call that "poetic justice" as well as karma.

    In your situation, you did a good deed for someone that you've never even met, and in my book, that's a very noble thing indeed. Unfortunately, there just aren't many people in this world anymore that are willing to do things like that. That's not to say that nobody would, but it's getting rarer and harder to find anyone that would.

    My hat's off to you sir, congratulations and thanks. I wish there were more people that would take the time to help out someone else in a time of need. But on the other hand, I can also understand someones reluctance to try, because of the number of people that are hurt, robbed, raped, or killed by someone that they had stopped to help. It's a rare thing percentage wise, but it's the perception that it could happen to you that keeps a lot of folks from extending a helping hand. It's like that old adage, "It only takes one bad apple to ruin the barrel".

    Keep up the good deeds TDLB, and God bless you.

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