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Thread: Leak Master reusable products.

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    Default Leak Master reusable products.

    Has anyone here tried the Leakmaster all in one cloth diapers. I am thinking of buying a few dozen. Are they worth it? Any other products I should get in conjunction with buying these diapers?

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    You should buy one or two, then decide whether you want another ten or eleven. Never buy a dozen of anything expensive until you've tried it. Same thing goes for dispies; you wouldn't buy a case of something you hadn't even sampled.

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    And if you mean AGO as in the plastic is attached to the diaper,they are the worst diaper investment you can make because the plastic will dry out and become brittle and break along time before the use full life of the diaper,neccesating buying separate Plastic pants to go over the ones attached to the diaper because they are no longer waterproof,having one or two in the closet for sick/lazy days is OK but a whole fleet of them is money down the drain,and this is universal no matter who makes the AIO.

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    Ok, I guess your right that ordering a couple aio's. Ok I now need to ask who should order my cloth diapers and plastis pants from, and is Velcro better than pin on diapers.

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    Velcro is better in that it is faster; pins are better in that they are usually more secure. If you're changing yourself, or if the person changing you has limited dexterity, velcro is a good choice. Pins allow you to push the diaper size envelope a little more, but if they are used incorrectly, wet diapers tend to sag uncomfortably.

    Baby Pants ( is a good supplier of pin-on cloth diapers and plastic pants, and there are many others.

    The best velcro diapers are arguably the old Indisposables AIOs, which tend to run excessively large, or, if you're looking for a velcro diaper without a cover, try Angel Fluff.

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    I have 4 AIO leakmaster diapers that i have had gotten good use out of , I purchesed them on amazon, They are sort of hard to dry ,takes a few times in the dryer, other then that I love them when I use them. order them larger then you think you want at first to try like other person said not a dozen .

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    Should I also consider buying inserts, and what is the best way to go for insert? Is the company Rearz a good place to look at for reusable diapers?

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    Pretty much any Prefold is pretty good. Determine the layering that you want. Like others have said, AIOs typically won't last as long, not only the plastic baking, but also the Velcro will deteriorate. If you are not comfortable with pins, they're a couple options that I know of. Snappi Fasteners have been good to me. Boingo fasteners are another great option. Also bandage wrap fasteners will work as a cheap alternative as well.

    I'll also mention Changing Times Diaper. They are relatively cheap and are excellent quality.

    If you tend to live in a humid area and/or sweat quite a bit. I would recommend Peva plastic pants from Baby-Pants. In experience, PVC tends to not last long in humid environments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlforpurity View Post
    Has anyone here tried the Leakmaster all in one cloth diapers. I am thinking of buying a few dozen. Are they worth it? Any other products I should get in conjunction with buying these diapers?
    I have not personally tried the AIO diaper yet. I have heard that it is ok. However I am a seamstress and I have been wearing and selling cloth diapers for quite some time now. Here are some things you need to consider when purchasing cloth diapers.

    First off is What fits your life the best. There are a lot of different types of cloth diapers that are available. Prefold and plastic pants, AIO, or Pocket diapers. In my opinion prefolds are way to much hassle. They take for ever to wash and dry and they are complicated to put on. An AIO is the easiest to use however they tend to not have enough absorbency. Pocket diapers in my opinion are the easiest to deal with and they offer the best absorbency. Because they are customizable.

    Next is what is your washing situation? Do you have easy access to washer and dryer that will not cost you much to run. To properly wash cloth diapers you need a really good washer and you also will need to do more than one wash cycle every time you wash the diapers. At least that is if you want them to stay smelling fresh and working well. You never want to let dirty diaper sit for more than 3-4 days max.

    Closure system is one that is not that important but I will point out a few things. Velcro will wear out long before the actual diaper has worn out. It is really not the greatest option if you want your diapers to last a few years. Diaper pins are just hassle and I would Choose Velcro over pins. I personally prefer snap closure systems. They almost always outlast the diaper. Also I like that you can get the exact same fit on the diaper every single time.

    I do sell cloth diapers as well if you want to take a look at a different option for cloth diapers. I do use high quality fabrics and I personally sew each diaper that is ordered so you are not getting a diaper that is made in a factory. they may seem priced high but keep in mind that with cloth diapers you get what you pay for. If you buy cheaper ones they will be lower quality. That is just something to keep in mind. We have had raving reviews on our diapers thus far. Anyway I will stop rambling on and give you a couple links to take a look at to help you determine what diaper is best for you.

    Information on cloth diapers

    Link to our store

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