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    Question This Girl I know

    So me and this girl have know eachother for a pretty long time and I know her family and she knows my family but we dont hang out that much as we used to. Well I have been trying to become a better friend with her and everytime I call or text her I am shot down for instance "oh im busy" or "oh I dont feel to well" or she just doesnt text me back. But I think that she thinks that I have a crush on her or something and all I want to be is her friend! I asked another girl I know if she thinks that I like her and she said "yes she does think that you like her more than a friend". And being myself I act differently around girls and I am trying to have more buddies that are girls. I dont usualy hang with any girls and I am trying to broaden my perspective on life and meet some more friends while am at it . What should I do, I want to be her friend alot but I dont know how to handle this without sounding awkward or wierd or anything ?

    P.S. It would be great if a girl could weigh in on this!

    I realy like this girl and she is realy swell but I am soooooo confused on the action that I should take?!

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    From the perspective of a female (and an adult)...

    It sounds to me like you like this girl more than as 'just a friend' soooooooo if she doesn't return these feelings that's probably why she's 'backing off'. At least she is being nice about it! But...I can see, if you persist, it's quite possible she's gonna do something drastic like tell you to "BACK OFF BUCKO!" Well, okay, those probably won't be her exact words, but you know...she's going to tell you (not so politely) that she doesn't want your attentions.

    Unfortunately unrequited love (or lust) is something we all have to deal with at one time or another in our lifetimes.

    That said, if what you do feel for her really is "just frienship" then maybe back off a bit yourself. Don't be calling and texting her. Maybe arrange to be part of a group activity that she's a part of...even if it's just a bunch of kids getting together on Friday night for some pizza or a movie. It will give her a chance to get to know you better, and to see that what you want is to be "just friends".

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    Well from what I can read, you are being a little persistent. You have to remember, that friendship is something you grow into, and it's not something you can have with everyone.

    You guys are friends, GREAT, that doesn't mean she has to be your best friend, and what may come off to you as "Being better friends" may come off to her as "This guy likes me!"

    Just hang out like you normally do, say to her "Me and Jerry are going to the mall, wanna come?" Or something of the sort. If you want to hang out, try to hang out with her along with others, so that way it may not be so awkward.

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