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Thread: Sleeping in an oatmeal filled diaper?

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    Default Sleeping in an oatmeal filled diaper?

    Should it be done? I recently decided to give the oatmeal a try and enjoyed it however this question came to my mind, is it ok to sleep in an oatmeal filled diaper or is it a bad idea?

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    Some words of caution. One, don't overdo it. Don't wear it for too long, as over long periods the oatmeal may start reacting adversely with your skin. Two, it may affect your sleep as you are distracted, and there is an uncomfortable mass in-between your legs. Three, as you toss and turn in your sleep, it may get squeezed out. So choose a diaper with leak guards. Four, there is the ethical dilemma of 'wasting food', which I shan't elaborate.

    Having said all of that, I guess it is ok to try it out. Pure oatmeal mixtures are used to treat acne, and have skin moisturising properties. So it is not harmful unlike the real thing. Plus, you get to adjust its viscosity to your liking. I suggest that you try it out with a small amount first for a short period during the day. If you are okay with the feeling, and your bottom doesn't feel irritated, you may try longer periods.

    *Sidenote: You can read about the benefits of oatmeal on skin in this Huffington Post article*

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    It should pose no problems as long as the oatmeal stays in the diaper. It's not my thing but I've helped out friends with it a few times. I find the oats tend to escape. It's not a huge mess but just another thing that required attention. I expect some plastic pants would remove any risk that way.

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    While wearing at night a disposable and my plastic underpants and staying in a hotel, I woke up with a strong feeling of something I ate previously not agreeing with me. As I hurried to the toilet it came to that 50/50 decision of still trying to hold it in or realizing I could not still hold it and 1/2 way to the bathroom I relented and just let go. At that point there was no reason to do anything else but go back to bed which actually felt great knowing I had protection on. As I started to fall asleep another wave hit me and I just let go and felt great about it. About 3 hours later I got up and the consequential cleanup of my disposable and the smell was a quick turn-off.

    After reading about the oatmeal substitution I decided to try it about a year later. I bought those instant packets and added it to my backside while wearing a disposable and my plastic pants. Not only did it feel great but it was apple scented so the smell was much better. I actually used a lot and I slept great all night and the clean-up was easy. No problem with irritation but if you think about it, shouldn't typical #2 from a person be more irritating than oatmeal? I only do this about once a year for the different sensation as waking up in the morning with a full warm load is nice with no smell and easy clean-up.

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    After reading this thread I have to give this a try and it has been something I have been really thinking about doing too.

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    I LOVE a good load of oatmeal!!! 2 or 3 instant packets are a dream!!!

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    Ok. But Why?

    Why would you wont to put a breakfast cereal into your diaper. porridge is meant to go into your mouth.
    Well most of it goes in my mouth apart from the bit that end up on my bib.

    Is this a DL thing? seems like a waste of a perfectly good diaper to me.

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