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Thread: Are diapers qualifying expenses for 2016 FSA accounts?

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    Default Are diapers qualifying expenses for 2016 FSA accounts?

    Does anyone know if FSA rules for 2016 allow for the purchase of adult diapers/incontinance products without a doctors prescription?

    From my FSA provider website it says it is a qualifying purchase with this explanation:

    Adult diapers used to relieve incontinence generally will qualify as medical care expenses. But see Diapers. Skin-cleansing products may also qualify if the primary purpose is medical care and the expense would not be incurred “but for” this purpose. To show that the expense is primarily for medical care, a note from a medical practitioner recommending the item to treat a specific medical condition is normally required.

    Sounds about as clear as mud.

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    In theory, yes, adult diapers are eligible for use with an FSA because they assume that they're being purchased for incontinence reasons and that's a qualifying medical condition. That said, I'd urge you not to do so, as the intent of the FSA is not to buy items for personal pleasure, but to cover medical treatments that you might need throughout the year.

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    Yeah I would assume so I mean you can buy goodnites for bedwetting kids on fsa so I would assume diapers would as well.

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