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Thread: Why wear baby diapers

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    Default Why wear baby diapers

    I mean know cute and make you feel more like but how can use them when there made to handle a baby output and not an adult. I mean don't you want diaper can handle the use instead cute facture. Do not get me wrong it people choices but would rather have more use of the diaper.

    That could because wear IC use so that maybe just me in a way.

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    I personally don't wear them because I doubt I would fit into any (but I can get into the L/XL Goodnites) but I would say it would simply be just wearing something that was designed for a baby would be enough for a lot of us. The prints, the smell, everything about it that would appeal to ABDL's. Sure, it wouldn't hold as much, but I'm sure the trade off would be worth it.

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    For those who like them, the feel, designs, and look of a baby diaper really hits their fantasies perfectly. Some people use them as diaper stuffers in another diaper, some use them alone and just try to be careful not to leak. Others just like wearing them and not using them as all. To each his own.

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    I don't wear them, but would love to be small that they'd fit and work well so I could

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    I wear them because they're my only option, no decent small adult diapers over here and the cuteness is a big plus

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    Yup. Not everyone fit into size, even slim ones. In goodnites too. Nevertheless design and smell can be a big pros

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    A lot cheaper than adult ones, smaller and more discreet, and if you dont go full flood they hold quite a bit. Lots of small wettings throughout the day to relieve the pressure when needed, plus I like the way they bulk up when full.

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