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Thread: New Tena Slip Active PE coming to UK March

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    Default New Tena Slip Active PE coming to UK March

    Hey everyone some really good news if you don't already know but Tena are releasing the new Active fit in March for sale in the UK and will also be available on the NHS (in certain parts) for local NHS trusts who already have a contract with Tena.
    This news is from Tena themselves and local PCT.
    Tena slip Active is basically a new version of the old fashioned pe backing.

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    This is great news. I hope eventually I'll be able to get my hands on these in the US without having to pay massive international shipping costs.

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    They are great, we had them here in Sweden for a few months, and this news means that Tena most likely will e continuing this product (they said that the release in Sweden was to test the market)

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    This just made my night! I recently reached out to XP medical to see if they would carry the Active in the US, waiting for a response.

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