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Thread: Thinking of getting a DA Account for my abdl art/stories....

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    Question Thinking of getting a DA Account for my abdl art/stories....

    Hey Everyone, It's me again. Long Story Short, I know I said i didn't have a Devent Art account, Well I do, but I don't have any ABDL/Furry art/stories on it, and I haven't really used it for a while, Anyway I like to keep that part of my life seprete from my main life as much as possible because I don't want a connection, and I live in a small town where pretty much everyone knows me. Anyway, I was thinking of getting a seprete DA account for my ABDL Art, but the thing is I'm not really sure if i can do that and even if i could how could i avoid an connection between the two accounts, Also i was thinking of posting my YouTube account Here, but I am afraid of a connection between my ABDL life and my normal life, and that people will make rumors, and well in the words of the Hungry Pumkin, (Look It up, and yes i misspelled it intentionally, because that's his name.) I Don't Want That! and It really concerns me, and i just want advice on what to do.

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    Yeah, I know the concern. I've been trying to keep my... normal life things, and ab/dl/furry things separate, but I'm finding that if I really want to try to do things in this community I can't just keep it all contined to my tablet. Not sure if that helps any, but I hope you find the answer that brings you the most happiness.

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    Well it's pretty easy to make accounts that will have no links. You just use different information. Different username and such. Don't use the same avatar. Don't use same email. As long as you stick to that, you should have no problems.

    Me, personally, I stopped caring a long time ago to the point that Brabbit1987 is the name I use every where, even in games. Have not run into any issues thus far, though someone on adisc has recognized me from a different forum, which was pretty interesting.
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    Now, I actually don't recommend doing what I do lol. It's typically not the best idea in the world as it could in fact cause issues if someone decides to snoop.

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