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Thread: Balls.

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    Default Balls.

    I have done a little bit of research into it, but there isn't much around, even online.

    When I was growing up, and decided that I liked looking younger than older, I took a dislike to when my balls hung low. what I found however, is they can be tucked up nice and safe inside my groin out of site. it felt a bit strange, but it was never painful or hard to get them down again.

    Just wondered, has anyone else had a likewise experience?

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    I think the temperature around your balls is the main factor for how low they hang. The sack they're in is the testicles' air condition unit, as they need a temperature that's slightly colder than the body temperature. So when the temperature around your balls is high, they will try to get away from the body heat. If, on the other hand, it's cold, they will be pushed up againt the body...sometimes even almost into it.
    So if you don't like them to hang low, open a window and start freezing


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    Hehe, yeah, i know that. but i mean, no matter the temp, you can pop them up next to the pubic bone near the channel that the ball strings run down. i forget the technical name.

    anyway, it in effect looks like you have a really small sack, and feels like... scary part... no balls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peachy View Post
    I think the temperature around your balls is the main factor for how low they hang.
    Huh, I'd never heard that before, or if I had I've forgotten

    Always figured it was part genetics and part age (or if one is into stretching).

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    So basically the Testis are surrounded by a number of different layers of muscle/fascia/etc working this is caused because the testis originated from within the body, and then during development descended, while descending they had to pass through a number of muscles and that provided a number of layers, as they descended they also pulled along the spermatic cord as well as the necessary blood vessels. This decent actually causes a number of different interesting factors that affect the lymphatic drainage of the region, and can lead to testicular cancer which can metastasize to a number of different locations depending on what exact region of the testis it is in, but that is another topic. This also created an opening, which is generally sealed, called the processus vaginalus, which if remaining open, leads to a high risk of developing indirect inguinal hernias. Direct Inguinal hernias arise in a different method, but that is the opposite of what people are talking about. Anyways so as it passes through the muscle during its descent it picks up a number of different fascial layers, they are as follows, the original muscle/fascia is listed in parenthesis:
    Skin (Skin)
    Dartos Tunic (Superfiscial Fascia)
    External Spermatic Fascia (Aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle)
    Cremaster muscle and fascia (Internal Oblique Muscle)
    Internal spermatic fascia (Tranversalis fascia)
    Tunica vaginalis (Abdominal Peritoneum)
    (And for people who have some desire to remember that for whatever reason... the mnemonic that is commonly used is: Some Damn Englishman Called It The Testis)

    Ok, so with some background out of the way, first, the contraction of testis can be controlled by a number of factors, and is outside of conscious control, but, if you read above, it has passed through a number of muscles, so, the dartos muscle is responsible for the temperature regulation and if its warm, or if your older or debilitated you are more likely to have a smooth, elongated and flacid scrotum. If its cold, in younger, robust people, it is generally short, corrugated and closely applied to the testis. The cremaster muscle also likely plays a role in temperature regulation, and if I remember my anatomy correctly, especially in younger people, stroking the medial (inside) portion of your upper thigh can cause a reflex that contracts the cremaster muscle, though the reflex does become less noticeable as you age.

    Ok second, I wasn't completely sure about this, but according to Gray's Anatomy (39th edition) in a child the "testis can frequently be retracted out of the scrotom into the lose areolar tissue between the external oblique muscle and the deep layer of the superficial fascia over the inguinal canal. This space is sometimes called the superficial inguinal pouch."
    However, there is a reason the testis are there and the biochemical processes that are carried out that are important, and I don't think trying to retract them is really such a good idea. That said I am definitely not an expert on this, and the best bet would be to contact you physician. I know that some studies have shown undescended testicles are in some way correlated with testicular cancer, but that is not what you are talking about... basically most things are there for a reason, an its generally better to keep them that way... if you need to do something cold water should work to stimulate a physiological response.

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    Like Peachy said, temp. is the main factor in the erm... hanging. So if you don't like it get a portable air conditioner? or maybe some icecubes =P

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    I've heard that they drop for temperature regulation, however due to their sensetivity, putting them back up can potentially cause sterility. not sure if its true but there you go...

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    I've heard of guys doing it so they could more convincingly dress in drag... but nah, honestly the thought of doing it makes me cringe a bit.

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    As an interesting experiment, watch your cremaster muscle!

    While laying, watch as your testicles undulate as you breathe. Healthy testicles should look as though they are rolling within. Fun times can be had if you quickly tap the inside of a thigh and watch your testicles instinctively move away from the sensation to protect themselves.

    The cremaster is fun for the whole family!

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