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    Default purchasing choice please help

    So I'm trying to decide whether to buy tykables diapers or a paci and a baby bottle. I can get atn diapers locally so I have good diapers all ready I just have always wanted a true baby diaper. Any advice to which way to go? If the diaper route which baby themed is the best? Thanks for your help.

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    I would go with the pacifier and baby bottle since you don't have them and you do have some diapers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post

    I would go with the pacifier and baby bottle since you don't have them and you do have some diapers.
    Hi yes and a teddy if you you don't have one. And if you bon't have a pacifer how do you get to sleep at night?

    As For diapers As long as it doesn't leek, who cares. the toys I'm not going to get played with by selves.

    Have fun.

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    Paci and bottle! I have two MAM pacifiers and a NUK bottle and I love them, I always want a bottle of warm milk and honey now

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    I would go for the paci and bottle. I just love sometimes sleeping with a paci

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    you have to have a pacifier!! I have 5 or six adult nuk size 5 and over 1000 others in my collection my favorite size 3 nuk up to age 3 latex because the latex squeaks when rubbing teeth, i get some of them at walmart $5 for two or same price on ebay

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    paci and bottle. make sure paci is MAM shield (looks like two circles overlapping) and latex NUK 5 nipple, silicone ones usually are scratchy and awfuls. hate thems.
    upgrade to something more fancy diaper wise later though, I recommend Abenas/Dry 24/7's for medically diapers like the ATN, pick your poison for ABDL designed ones.

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