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Thread: Model Railroading

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    Default Model Railroading

    Any of you here model railroaders? I was big in it until I gave it away when I went to the seminary a while back, and hopefully when I get a job I will be starting over with the hobby.

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    Yes I am. Mine got taken down when I got married, and is in the attic. Plans are in the works to start putting it up within the next year.

    We also have a "Trains" group if you are interested. It has not been very active for a little while, but you may just be the person to get it going again.


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    I am indeed! Just about to start building a new layout.

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    As a kid, I had an American Flyer set, and I still have it, packed in boxes. When I was in high school, I started building an H. O layout. When we moved to where we now live, I put my H.O. trains up on an 8 x 4 piece of plywood. I had a block layout so I could run two trains at the same time. Eventually I needed the space so it had to come down. I'd have to move to a house with a full basement to do what I want to do, unfortunately.

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    I have a small HO scale model RR.
    I also have a wooden railroad which I pull out and set up every once in a while.

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    Any of you use Digitrax for your operation DCC system. I have used it and love the system for it to allow you to expand with your layout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dlforpurity View Post
    Any of you use Digitrax for your operation DCC system. I have used it and love the system for it to allow you to expand with your layout.
    We got a set for our grandson and I had a ball setting it up and playing it with him.

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    what do you think of fast track? I've been really interested in railroads lately

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    Fast track depends on where you want to set up the railroad and what you want to do with it. I myself have gotten into hand laying and scratch building m turnouts. It is more time consuming, but cheaper for buying turnouts, and allows for greater flexibility especially when building a rail yard.

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    I really wanted a model railway when I was a kid. I remember my friend's bedroom was in a loft conversion, and there was this huge board that folded down from the angled roof. On it was a massive train set with countryside, hills, valleys, farms, stations, tunnels, junction boxes, and so on. It was amazing!

    Oh crikey! I just typed "model railway" into YouTube to see what would come up... And it's INSANE!!! You have to see this:

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