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    Hi, my name is Bill and I have been wanting to open an account on Adisc for a while but just didn't get around to it.

    I am in my late 60's and I am still working full time (in Apr I will have been working at the same job for 42 years). I plan to keep going as long as I can.

    I started riding unicycles in my 20's but stopped after the one I had broke. Two years ago I started again and after almost killing myself learning to ride again, I am now riding a 36" wheel an average of 4 to 5 miles a night after work. I also have a 24", 26", and a 29" which I mostly ride off road. Since riding a unicycle uses about 75% of your muscles, it is keeping me in great shape.

    I am married to a wonderful wife and have 3 grown children who are doing very well. And 5 grandchildren who are the joy of my life (who also make fun of me riding my unicycles!).

    As far as diapers are concerned; I was pt by the usual time and had a great childhood, had no attraction to diapers as far as I know. I got a 2 wheel bike for my 4th birthday and before my dad put the training wheels on I wanted to try it. I was riding it within half an hour without the training wheels.

    When I was 6 I was trying to get home on my bike from school in a hurry because I needed to go potty. I hit some loose dirt and had a crash. Somehow I got hit in the bladder area, and something got hurt inside. From reading about this latter in life I think I could of ruptured my bladder. All I knew at the time is I ended up in the hospital and was made to wear diapers in the hospital, and when I got home I had to wear them for along time. I had to be home schooled for almost the rest of the year.

    At first I hated the diapers but after wearing them awhile I really started loving them. And after I started getting better, I kept wetting my nighttime diapers on purpose to keep wearing them at night. When Mom figured I was wetting them on purpose that was the end of her diapering me, but not the end of my loving diapers by a long shot!!!

    My wife, who I told about my diapers before we got married, has been great about them our whole married life, which is a larger post I will give later.

    Thanks for letting me be a part of this site.

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    You have a lot of interesting things going on !

    Welcome to the site!

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    There are a lot of us older ones into pampers here your welcome .

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