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Thread: Is this picture okay?

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    Default Is this picture okay?

    Last edited by Donnie; 26-Feb-2009 at 03:47.

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    Personally, I don't think that's the kind of picture you should be posting on a public forum. I'd leave stuff like that to a private album if that's what turns you on. There are some younger members here that don't need to see that, and I'm sure a lot of older ones that would be offended by it.

    You should consider taking it down, before the mods do it for you.

    (just my personal opinion)

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    I also agree you should probably take it to either moderate the post a little or take it down altogether. Or at least add a 'Warning' to your post.

    As for the picture, I think you've caught the feel you were looking for however the nakedness of the picture does make it inherently sexual.

    It does indeed have the cute and innocent feel that you say you were aiming for but if the T-shirt was just that little bit longer, or there was some crotch coverage, it'd probably be even deeper into what you've aimed for.

    Either way, I envy that you can draw. I love art of my younger self and I'd kill to be able to draw.

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    I don't find there to be sexual implication there, I can see the innocent factor. I don't see why people said it should be taken down though. This is the MATURE topics forum, so what if there's younger members, there's a disclaimer in the forum description. Also, I don't see why a girl naked in a drawing would be tabooed. Most (if not all) members are teenagers, they already know about that. I just don't see a reason to shelter them from it.

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    It's not called the Mature forum for no reason :/ This should be okay here.

    On another note, this isn't what I'd look for in a picture. :P But whatever works for you [I know there might not be a sexual feeling attached to it].

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    I agree with Zagete. This is a mature thread, after all. I'd just be careful what you put up here.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Younger kids are more aware than they let on. When I was in college and lived off campus, I had two townies who came to my room almost every day. One was my newspaper boy, and the other was his friend. Being Princeton kids, they were intelligent, and quite awesome. One time they came over and Tommy said, "You'll never guess where we were and what we did?" I said, "O.K., I'll bite, where were you?" He said that they had gone over to Princeton U. and climbed up the fire escape and looked in the windows to the art studio. Tommy said, "We were looking at the nudies!" Apparently the art class had a naked woman posing while the students were drawing her. You should have seen Tommy's eyes light up when he said "nudies". So you might be surprised at what kids manage to see. Tommy and Corey were 13 at the time and fun to be with. Their insight into the world was always interesting. I gave up making a recording with Dave Brubeck that year so I could be home when they arrived. Man do I regret that now. The arrogance of youth! But I do think our 13 year old members can take it. I find the caption interesting in a New Yorker magazine sort of way because of its subtlety. Anyway, that's my 2 cents, and if I'm off base, I easily accept that...haha

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    I find it disgusting personally.

    All though the disgust is most likely a product of the tendency of British society to freak at anything like that... I mean that's an illegal image if it was decided that it was sexual.

    I don't know if it is sexual or not... I clicked the cross the second it came up... And my initial reaction was to just delete it straight away.

    I don't think full nakedness is cute at all. I agree with Error in that a longer T-shirt would have made it cuter...

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    I agree. And the supposed joke is also in; what I think; bad taste. Sorry for being so blunt.

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    Not a fan of it, and it certainly isn't cute- the innocence plus the nudity plus the mature age of the female is really disturbing.

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