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Thread: The Daddy’s Compendium To Interacting With His ABDL Boy

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    Default The Daddy’s Compendium To Interacting With His ABDL Boy

    An ongoing WIP project by Young'N'Rebellious!

    I've divided the following into 4 categories - Ideas (To be split into Fun Ideas and Punishment Ideas), Activities, Things To Say (To be split into Positive/Reassuring Things and Not So Positive/Teasing Things), and Advice & General ABDL Info/Knowledge.

    Feel free to comment anything you feel needs to be added or is missing! Hope this helps somebody as much as it has my own Daddy! I will update this Compendium as I add more stuff and make new revisions! Credit to friends, followers, life experiences, myself & personal ABDL experiences, and most notably amazing sources like ABDL Dad's very well written blogs and like-wise materials!

    * Stand outside the bathroom whenever your little one goes potty if he’s not padded at that time, then ask him if he made it in time and check to make sure he did before praising or scolding him accordingly!
    * Act like your boy is too big for diapers until he gives you a -reason- to put him back in Diapers, Pull-Ups, or Training Pants!
    * Often ask your boy if he has to go potty, or if he “already went.” Whether he’s diapered or not (more ESPECIALLY if he’s not…) Even better if you can get away with it in public, and -always- ask before or when going anywhere.
    * If he has to go, ask him how bad and if its an emergency.
    * Ask him whether he wants to try and be a big boy or to just use his diaper or “have an accident”, give him the choice to try and be a big boy, then go along with it, whether he decides to succeed or to fail at it.
    * Before you let your ABDL boy rush out the door, have him stop and then check his clothes carefully. Fix the belt on his jeans. Adjust his diaper so that it shows just slightly above the waist and then pull his shirt down carefully over it. Give him a kiss on the cheek and tell him how wonderful he is and how adorable he looks.
    * If your little guy can’t wear diapers in the day, have him carry a Pull-Ups in his back pack. He might complain that someone might see it or find it. Assure him no one will ever notice. He may never even look at it, but knowing that it’s close at hand will give him a sense of security.
    * Instead of regular underwear, surprise your little with a pair of training pants!
    * Slip a pacifier into your boy’s pocket on the way out the door, imagine the blush when he reaches into his pocket and finds it!
    * If your boy wears a watch, take some diaper tape and attach it around the band. Call him later in the day and ask what time it is. If anyone knows that it’s no ordinary tape it will be him – you’ll hear the smile right through the phone line.
    * Most important of all, when your boy gets home give him a super long hug. Then say “let’s get you changed”. Don’t turn it into a big production… just “let’s get you changed” is enough – it says that Sunday wasn't some special day all its own and that even though there’s a whole world of things to do he’s always his daddy’s little boy no matter where they are or what they’re doing!
    * Punish your boy for having a potty mouth, not just for having potty pants (if even…)
    * Pretend potty-train your boy even if you know he’s gonna use his diaper and have Onpurpsidents anyways.
    * Change your boy’s diaper when it leaks whether he wants it changed or not, and if he puts up too much of a fuss put him on time out!
    * Find ways to subtly make your boy feel little in public, it always makes their cheeks turn so red and adorable!
    * Set a Bedtime even when he wants to talk or play.
    * Try to get him to do something “little” (like ride a carousel for example.) Or have him do 2 random sporadic things a day that a cub would do impulsively and reward the behavior.
    * Punish your boy for sticking his tongue out.
    * Make your boy sit on Time Out in the corner and think about what he did in his wet or messy diaper or clothing. (with consent)
    * Bounce your boy on your knee
    * Give you boy discrete Diaper checks in public
    * Whisper loving things into your boy’s ears

    * Read a story to your little!
    * Feed you boy a bottle of milk (Preferably warm, maybe sweetened too!)
    * Take him to a Park to play
    * Teach him how to do something new
    * Let him help with something (Cooking, Laundry, etc)
    * Snuggling!
    * Take your boy to the mall
    * Watch Childhood Movies and Cartoons with him.
    * Go see a Movie with him.
    * Play games with him.
    * Put a puzzle together with each other (Not one with too many pieces though, that’s too hard and the smaller piece may be choking hazards! ;P)
    * Color pictures together
    * Catch bugs together
    * Go Fishing together
    * Pretend Potty Training (Play along and encourage them, whether they decide to succeed or fail.)
    * Give your boy a bubble bath
    * Build a blanket fort together
    * Go Hiking in the woods
    * Take a camping trip and let your boy enjoy nature as a little, free of worries, and pants!

    * Call your boy names he likes that make him feel little, blush, or embarrass him.
    * Remind him how little he is!
    * Often remind him how little you -think- he is
    * Tell him how much he means to you!
    * Remind your little what he needs your help doing!
    * Randomly ask your boy if he has to go potty.
    * Ask your boy if he can hold it or if its an emergency
    * Randomly ask your boy if he had an accident, even if you know he didn’t.
    * "Let's get you changed."
    * “Be a big boy and hold it, or not, daddy wont tell anybody and will get you cleaned up/changed.”
    * “I swear to god if you poop your pants…”
    * “Did you poop your pants?”
    * “Come here, are you wet again already?”
    * “You purposely didn’t make it didn’t you?”
    * “Its okay, accidents happen! Let’s go get you cleaned up/Changed.”
    * “You’re not going to bed without a Diaper on!”


    * Kiss him on the forehead
    * Tickle him!
    * Blow raspberries on their tummy!
    * Tease your ABDL boy but not too much or too harshly.
    * Smile at your boy a lot
    * Give him reassurance
    * Pat and touch their diaper a lot
    * Establish your own set of rules and consequences for him.
    * Don’t make cracks about body hair, it ruins the immersion and fantasy!
    * Don’t let or make your boy dress himself, that’s Daddy’s job!
    * Try to let him choose his outfit, I know Daddy needs his fun too sometimes but freedom to be himself and comfortable is an important priority.
    * Let your boy sit in your lap or on your leg/knee.
    * Punish your boy when he’s naughty or bratty. Time Outs are a great and reliable alternative to Spankings. Little Boys HATE Time Outs.
    * Be stern but don’t overdo it, show you still care about them and are loving!
    * Baby talk your boy but don’t overdo it, just make them feel loved and cared for.
    * Light touching and eye contact is important to intimacy.
    * Give your little guy a safe, trusting, and caring space in which to express his little side.
    * Make sure your boy knows what he did if he poops or pees his pants, it makes them feel so little!
    * Most ABDL have had a rocky background and are full of insecurities
    * Make sure your boy leaves padded so that he doesn’t have an accident in public! (Not a noticeable one anyways… accidents still happen.)
    * Hold onto him, don’t expect him to hold onto you, he’s the young boy, he’s the insecure one who need’s your loving embrace and reassurance!
    * Check on him during naps and maybe give his diaper seat a reassuring rub.
    * If you wake up at night for any reason, check on your boy and rub his diaper a little and check it before going back to bed.
    * Change your boy as frequently as needed, maybe more if he enjoys Diaper changes a lot!
    * Check your boy’s diaper constantly (At least twice an hour), whether he needs it or not, it makes him feel secure and cared for! It also Keeps him reminded of what a little boy he is for not being able (or choosing not to) to keep his diaper dry or clean.
    * -Always- get your little dressed/changed for bed and tuck him in! Make sure his plushie is in his arms and his paci is in his mouth! Don’t forget to check under the bed and in the closet for monsters! Check his diaper one last time, just for the heck of it, and if he’s already soggy, tease him a bit so he falls asleep feeling little.
    *It goes without saying that little boys always want to act like big boys even though they need you to help them feel little! Your little boy might Smoke, Drink, Vape, or be a recreational drug user. You are NOT the police, don’t act like it! Decide together what adult habits and vices you are okay with and which ones your little is allowed to have during “Little time”. People often can’t let these vices go no matter how regressed they become so keep that in mind, don’t make your little feel ashamed or self conscious and ruin his immersion/fantasy because of these vices.
    * A lot of littles like remaining wet or messy for some time, so there doesn't need to be a rush to change them unless it goes against your personal preference, smells exceptionally ripe, or they ask!
    * Some littles even enjoy leaking, and wear their dark spots proudly as badges!
    * It’s not just the diaper that connects him to you. There’s something incredibly powerful and special about being in his diapers, and it is an explicit and needed connection in his relationship to you.
    * Little boys like to try to be big boys and not tell you when they have to go potty, and they might end up having an accident. When they do, do not scold them but tell them you are proud of them for trying to be a big boy and then change their clothes and clean them up and if possible, put them in a clean Diaper!
    * Make diaper changes significant; don’t be a robot! Changing a diaper becomes like riding a bike at some point, but that doesn’t mean a Daddy should abstain from talking to their little, teasing them, or letting them help by holding the wipes (careful with giving them the powder though!)
    * Make eye contact and smile during diaper changes, this makes your boy feel reassured and safe, and reminds him you care and want to get him all cleaned up.
    * Sometimes little boys have accidents in their big boy pants around the house. If the carpet or furniture gets wet, don’t be angry with your boy! (Unless he did it on purpose!) Remind him that he was a good boy for trying to hold it like a big boy. After you change him, just wipe up or dab the wet spot with a clean damp towel and turn a fan on in the room. The wet spot from his accident will air dry overnight and the moving air from the fan will prevent the area from smelling like a urinal/bathroom.
    * Do not display unsettledness over furniture or floors, you don’t want your little to feel like you’re prioritizing a couch or strip of fabric before him and his emotional/core needs…
    * Diapers were not designed to be soaked. No matter WHAT a daddy does he should never get angry at his son for a wet couch, carpet, or clothes. A boy should know that it’s safe and right to use his diapers in what ever way he needs to, and creating any shame around leaks will will make it tougher for the little guy to feel that he belongs in his diapers or might make him nervous to use them.YOU should have asked him if he had to pee and if so how much. And YOU should have known how wet he already was, It’s not his fault so bare no anger.
    * When cleaning ups leaks, place paper towels over the wet spots before smiling warmly and taking your little to change and THEN wipe or dab up the wet spot all the way and let it air dry! You don’t want your little to feel as though you’re more worried about a couch or rug than them, that can easily make a little feel less important and self conscious.
    * Sometimes, a wet spot on his bum while in public might be a little embarrassing, but daddy should both provide reassurance and have back-up plans in place – a sweater wrapped around the boy’s waist if it’s serious, a reassuring pat on the shoulder and diapered bum for those “maybe people will notice or maybe not” moments, and a spare pair of shorts or jeans in the diaper bag if it’s a longer day out.
    * Whenever you take your baby boy anywhere, always bring a bag or backpack with 2 spare sets of clothes and at least 2 fresh diapers, a spare pair of shorts or jeans, as well as wipes, clean hand towels, and powder! You should be ready to discreetly change your little boy anywhere at any time. Even if you don’t use the travel bag, he gains reassurance and feels more little just from you having it around!
    * Moderation is key, drowning a little in affection all the time can tend to become a chore for both of you after a while, but everyone has their personal limit!
    * Make sure your boy has his Paci or Stuffy during diaper changes! Or at the very least ask them where they are.
    * Your boy has a literal list of Core Needs that need to be met. Its both of your job to find out what they are and how to meet them!
    *If more needs are going unmet than are being met it can affect them negatively emotionally, causing depression, anxiety, or even turning the relationship toxic.
    * Part-Time Daddies with family, friends, and jobs have it rough! Most ABDL boys long for a full time, living together companion who can be there day and night to respond to their mood shifts and needs as they go in and out of phases and different emotions. Not someone for whom they are their “secret life”, but someone for whom they ARE their life, an equal partner, without shame, secrecy or the closet. Someone with whom they can set them self free with and truly be them self with 24/7/365. Someone who brings out their favorite things about them self and isn’t ashamed of those things.
    * Not every day will be a walk in the park. If every day was the same or predictable, that would be the same as flat-lining. Hiccups are a sign life; Disagreements happen, fights are a thing, and growing pains are common. Never forget that beyond all these roles are two human beings trying to grow closer. Always keep adventuring and be open to experimenting & experiencing. -Always- keep communicating. The goal should be to integrate the daddy/little dynamic into your life together. Trust in yourselves to find a balance that works for both of you!
    * Remember that being in a relationship with a Little is as valid and meaningful as any other type of relationship. The Daddy not only has to be the keeper of ALL of his boy’s needs, but also treat him with the unconditional love, respect, and trust as you would -any- relationship.
    * Remember the ABDL community is a small one, and your Little Boy may want to have other Little friends, as well as other older friends. Remember not every relationship MUST be monogamous to be healthy. Talk honestly with your Little Boy to learn each other’s boundaries regarding interacting with other Littles or Adults. Work together to decide what is right for YOUR relationship, be flexible, never judgmental, and always love your little unconditionally. Remember wherever he might go play and no matter what he will -always- love you the most and come back to be with you!
    * If your living situation is such that you don’t have your Little Boy living WITH you, remember that even out on his own doing every day adult things, that he still needs to know you are his Daddy and you love him and are there for him! Make a plan with your Little Boy on days you aren’t together to be in touch by voice or text or IM in the morning, at mid day, and at night. Make a schedule that works for you both. NEVER go to sleep for the night without having talked with him, and sleep with your ringers on. ALWAYS be reachable for each other!
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    An amazing guide, you make all extremely valid points there!

    The paragraph about disagreements and communication is something of paramount importance in any relationship, never to lose sight of.

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    All I can say is WOW! What an awesome list even if I can only dream of it.

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    I have let baddy read this. And he said to say thank you. For a great list.

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    This is getting bookmarked and given to the next caretaker I have, especially the general info section. Just... wow.

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    I love it! Definitely sharing with my caretaker.

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    Wow I'm so happy people are reacting so positively to this! I've gotten nothing but excellent feedback from multiple sites so far! I hope this continues to help Daddies and ABDL Boys alike as it grows!

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    Thank you! This is actually very helpful for a lot of people. It's a way to express what we may not have the words to say.. or are a bit too embarassed. It has a great mix of ideas, but reminders that everyone is different and to do what works best for you.

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    Definitelly very good compendium! I read it all
    You haven't exaggerated with ideas. Every little one have own boundaries and predispositions and you pointed this out.

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