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Thread: Poopers?

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    Default Poopers?

    I never thought I would, but I just pooped my very first diaper.

    I was getting up w/ a fairly fresh diaper already on, to go to the bathroom...and I just said "f#$k it!" and pooped! It was a lot easier than I thought, but an odd sensation. It was on the firm side I guess, so I decided to sit in it. Will cleanup soon, not going to sit in it very long...and the smell isn't too pleasant.


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    Typical assesment: Feels great...smells bad...clean up sucks. Best to do it first thing in the morning as you've done, and to shower right afterwards.


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    That's basically exactly how it went...I don't plan on really ever doing it again...but at least now I've done it so I know. I wasn't exactly ever planning on doing it anyway.

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    I hear you. I don't do it very often, but I certainly won't say that I don't plan on doing it again


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    Ah yes, I think I remember when I did it. Like, once. It sucked ass. (No pun intended. )

    Erm... anyways, it's good you got to try it out.

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Yes, pooping has it's moments, but the cleaning is always the worst. Cleaning in a shower makes it much easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon View Post
    omg u werin a popy diper rite naow?

    LMFAO EPIC. Love it.

    Yeah dude, um... wow. I did it like once, and never liked it, so I'm not the best person to congratulate you.

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    congrats. It feels greta. I love pooping, it feels so good, but clean up is terrible.

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    Yeah, I'm a pooper. However I usually don't have time to poop. I'll wet while my parents are in the house but I only poop when they're away.

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