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    Default Similar to Goodnites/Pull ups

    I was thinking to import a diaper like Goodnites, but I like something more cheap. anyone knows a diaper that is pretty similar to these two?

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    Get some adult pullups and decorate them with prints or stickers :O
    Adult pullups are plain and don't work as well as tape diapers, but they are much better than diapers for babies in functionality!
    I have some Seni pullups and they don't work for flooding, but Abena does some AMAZING pullups which feel like thick diapers! They take a good flood and maybe one more x)

    Ah, almost forgot, try to find if "Kruidvat Pyjama Pants XL" pullups are sold where you live! They fit up to 65 kg! I don't think they work for adults but they are cute and a lot like Drynites.
    ANOTHER EDIT! Babylove Pyjama Pants also exist! The L fits up to 50kg they say!
    ANOTHER ANOTHER EDIT XD I also found Pampers Underjams Pyjamapants XL fits max 39 kg but it just might stretch enough?

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    YAY xD I'll search all of them. in the case of Pampers, I think it fits easily on me, because appears teenagers on the package, and I'm slim as a hell x'D

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    Hopefully one of them is available where you live! I honestly have no idea, but at least one must be available, right :'3? Good luck on your search!

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