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Thread: Hi, I'm Sky, size 7 they finally came!

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    Default Hi, I'm Sky, size 7 they finally came!

    Well hi all.

    I'm Sky

    and I'm very excited!

    For starters I never, ever spoken to anyone about diapers and AB/DL stuff until I met one guy on MSN. he pointed me to this site, so here I am. then, Just to keep things really really exciting,

    My pampers cruisers size 7 arrived! woohoo!

    First impressions. they look great. but then they seemed smaller than Babydry 6, but they seem to grow the more you move in them. I got 32" hips and they just manage to do up. then as I moved about in them they stretched a little more.

    The middle pad is really wide. I'm sure I heard an echo as I lifted the front to tape them up! hehe. the wide elastic taps are really comfy. anyway. I might post a photo or ten once I settle into this site. I'm still new and shy. ^_^

    Anyway back to me.

    I live in the UK,
    I'm 22, though I still get asked if I'm enjoying my school holidays!
    I'm a boy, don't question it, I have evidence!
    my friends say my brain stopped growing when I 5. not sure where they got that crazy idea from.

    I'm more DL, though hey, we all like to RP a little, and I'm also a bit Babyfur too.

    I LOVE drawing, and being creative. I'm told I'm naughty all the time, but I like to think it's just being playful.

    I love hugs, snuggles, and cuddles. and yeah.that's all I can think of saying right now.

    Question time :P

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    Hehe *cuddles* I won't miss you out ^_^

    PS. Size 7 are great!

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    Haha! hugs and cuddles

    Wow, size 7! I could never fit into that haha!

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    Welcome. Have a good time, and remember: Sky's the limit. Think about that one!

    --The Silent Assassin--

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    Welcome grettings and all that jazz
    enjoy adisc
    Jelous of your diapers

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    welcome take a look around. peace

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    hehe thanks. oo they are my next buy Tranquillity ATNs hehe. what are they like?

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