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Thread: Anyone ever heard of Forsite AM/PM Briefs?

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    Default Anyone ever heard of Forsite AM/PM Briefs?

    In the world of new products hitting the market; Age Comfort has added a new brand of brief to their listing that will start shipping in March. Forsite - Anyone ever hear of them?

    I have contacted them asking if they could provide a little more to go on then what is on their website and if there will be possible samples considering ordering a full package could be a waste for some if the product doesnt stack up, but I havent gotten a response. They are described as a plastic-backed pull up brief, but the computer generated image they are currently using shows a tape on product.

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    Sounds a lot like Inspire+ or the plain ABU diapers.

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    Samples will be available in March, and they're most definitely a tap-on brief. Hope they're reasonably priced, as they look really promising.

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