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Thread: Laying on tummy = leaks?

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    Default Laying on tummy = leaks?

    I have a problem, which I know one solution for, but I'm looking for second/third/bajillion opinions/ideas.

    I have a problem, when I sleep on my tummy, I always wake up to a wet bed. I know I can roll over, but some times I don't wake up when I pee which is why I wear to bed. so does anyone have any ideas about how to not leak when you lay on your tummy?

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    Although I NEVER wet while lying down, since I never want my body to get used to the idea, I've read enough threads about doing so that I can say with some confidence that the best protection for sleeping is cloth. Disposables won't have any side protection, and there's nothing to keep the wetness from coming out the top. The waistbands just aren't designed for that. Some guys--assuming you're a guy--can point their penises down toward the crotch, but mine never stays there. Can't speak for you there.

    But cloth diapers--even the pull-up kind--are absorbent everywhere. And when paired with a good plastic pant, will provide the best nighttime protection no matter how you're positioned when you wet. If disposables are the only way you'll fly, then you can use plastic pants there too, but I'd recommend either flannel- or terry-lined pants or that you wear cotton underwear over your diaper and under the plastic pants. This will absorb small leaks that escape the diaper.


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    Yo could try a more absorbant faster wicking diaper like inspire + from rearz I have not been able to try the space diapers or northshores due to being in Canada and the shipping costs are to high.

    I have tried a few inspire + diapers and find they wick and absorb faster then my dry 24/7's I wear but the sizing is different.

    RMS is right plastic pants lined or wesring underware over your diaper then the plastic pants helps with keeping the leaks in check.

    You can also try a larger diaper at night so you have more padding in front if you always sleep on your tummy

    What diaper do you currently wear

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    As a stomach and slide sleeper who uses disposables I can tell you that size and proper fit is a must. Although a larger diaper has generally more surface to absorb, if it fits incorrectly, you will have gaps or areas that may not absorb as intended. A premium diaper such as Dry 24/7 (at least ones I purchased 8 months ago) and my new fav AwwSoCute do a great job of containing the front and sides. Abena M4 do not work as well for front and side containment. Regardless of the brand, I ways wear a snug fitting cotton boxer brief (brief with longer legs) to keep everything in place and close to my body. Since using these two brands at night, I no longer need a plastic pant over that, but it can't hurt and will get you the confidence until you figure the right size, brand and tapping method.

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    Are you leaking from the top or from the legs? Are you fully saturating the front padding in your diaper? (obviously pointing down is not an issue) If around the legs, change your lower taping or try a different diaper. If from the top or front sides, change your top taping, tape in tighter, or wear a diaper with front elastic, or go with a higher capacity diaper.

    I'd recommend the DC Amore Kitten.

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    Im'ma tummy sleeper with the same problem.
    I always tuck tightly- which directs the pee back and up, it then tends to run out the gap between the diaper and'tha small of my back, therefore I've come up with my own coping mechanism.
    For nighttime wear, I either use a depends with'a stuffer, or an Abena M4. After taping the bottom tapes snugly while lying down, I fasten the top tapes loosely as high as they'll go. I then stand up, take a Kotex overnight pad (or similar) and place it cross-wise, across the small of my back, right at where the back of the diaper hits, with the adhesive against the diaper, then I tighten'tha top tapes pretty snug. This provides and extra element of absorbency right where I need it most. Since I've been doing this, I've not had any problems with leakage from'tha back...
    Hope this helps
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    Yeah stomach sleeping and wetting diapers are not conducive for most genitals.

    Proper fit and sizes are a must though. I've gotten burned some night when I half-assed put them on.

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    I put my diapers on myself, for now I just have some large Equate (Walmart brand) maximum absorbency. I try to make sure that the tapes are on as secure as I can but being a girl on the larger side, it's a little difficult to do, with my extra squishyness.

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    2 problems:
    1.) Equate diapers = They just aren't going to work well enough. they were kinda meant for leaking bladders, not full releases of bladders.
    2.) Diaper cores don't work well in compression. If you have a lot of weight pressing on them, they just don't absorb much or fast. Wearing a size larger so there is more surface to absorb stuff can help. Wearing your diaper backwards could also help since there is more padding in the seat

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    Yes, you need to get better diapers. That (hopefully) will fix the problem. If that doesn't, you might have to consider getting plastic pants to wear over the diaper, so that if it does leak, it'll be contained in the pant.

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