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Thread: Thoughts on Tena Slip Maxi?

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    Default Thoughts on Tena Slip Maxi?

    Hey all! Just wondering on what the general consesus is about the tena slip maxi diaper? I thought it looked nice, but how is it's dependability?

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    The old plastic ones were fantastic.

    The new "cloth backed" sold in the United States is terrible. Uses a plastic center covering, and the wings are soft and thin. They're very flimsy.

    The new actual cloth backed ones that retail outside of the United States seem to be good.

    I'd wear a cloth backed any day of the week, but the old plastic backed ones were the only ones I'd wear due to how great they were.

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    Perhaps one of the very best nappies ever made if it has a plastic backing. Very comfortable and slim fitting with a reasonably high absorbency. In my opinion avoid the cloth backed version like the plague though.

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    You can buy the new plastic backed ones (active) from

    You have to get them imported from Europe though. They are great.

    As said previously, the cloth and semi cloth (originals) ones are terrible

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    The Australasian ones, I find are quite decent, they hold a lot, have refastenable Velcro like tapes, are comfortable, and are probably the most cost efficient diaper we have available to us.

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    taco is on the money. the cloth sided are almost useless. You have to move the tapes in every hour or so. The cloth sides slowly stretch soooo bad. i suppose not so much a problem for overnight, if you don't need much capacity. Their leak guards are very short.

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    Oh, I do quite well with these diapers, and am very fond of the Original. I really like hybrid diapers, even though people seem to reeeally hate them :')
    I think I do well with them since I use boxers on top of them most of the time, if I am out and about so even if the wings stretch, the diaper stays on me! Also, plastic diapers just bake my poor, sensitive sides so a diaper that lets my skin breathe from the wings is just perfect.
    The old plastic ones are the most amazing though. I will forever miss them... sigh :/

    So yeah, I am a real Tena fan so I am kinda biased lol
    It's good to order a sample first in my opinion. Like samples of the Tena Slip Maxi(cloth), Tena Slip Maxi Original (hybrid) and Tena Slip Maxi Active Fit (all plastic!) so you can compare.
    Even though Tena Slip Maxi is my go-to clothback diaper, I know for sure the all-plastic are the real deal. They are the best Tena's.

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    I'm so sad... Bambino finally ran out of the (actual) original TSM in medium.

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    I got the original all-plastic when first trying out a few months ago. They were a great experience.

    The fabric sides ones were just a total nightmare. I went through 5 where the tapes would not stick longer than an hour. They didn't even have time to stretch and loosen. It isn't like adhesive on cloth doesn't work... Seni figured it out... maybe it was a bad batch, but it left a very bad impression on me that I don't feel like repeating.

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