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Thread: ABDL family

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    Default ABDL family

    (Sorry in advance, it's a little lengthy.)

    Recently, I've been a recurring dream. I don't usually remember much about my dreams but this one has been consistent and extremely vivid.

    In it, I wake up sucking my paci and snuggling my teddy bear in a nothing but a Jake & The Neverland Pirates t-shirt and a very soggy diaper. I'm in a nursery in a large crib. I roll over and see another boy sleeping beside me in the crib. We're sharing it. He's wearing a red t-shirt and equally soggy diaper and cuddling a brown teddy while sucking his thumb.

    I reach my hand in between his legs to feel the crotch of his diaper and confirm its wetness. This awakens him and he opens his eyes, looks at me, takes his thumb out of his mouth, wipes it on his shirt and says "Good morning Max" (Max is my little's name.)
    As he leans in and gives me a hug, I can smell that his diaper is indeed very wet.

    Just then, a man and woman enter the nursery and approach the crib. The lady says "Good morning babies! Sleep well? Well, it looks like you two are way past due for diapie changes huh? Let's get them changed George." "I've got Charley" (who must be the other boy) says the man.

    They then explain to me that from now on, Charley and I are baby brothers and that they are our parents.

    I usually get so overwhelmed with excitement at the idea that this is when I wake up.

    Anyway, I've been having it every night or two for the last week and a half and it gets more detailed every time. Not sure what it means. It does have me really starting to fantasize about an ABDL family. I'd love to have a mommy, daddy and a brother to play with. It's really starting to become a desire of mine

    Has anyone ever done this? Is this crazy or stupid? What do you think? Is it even possible?

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    I don't think your crazy or stupid. Dreams are what they are!

    I rarely remember my dreams. Even if a dream wakes me up, before I can write it down, it has vanished. There is only one dream that I remember and I had it when a was a real little (However, it did not involve diapers or wetting.)

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    Oddly enough I can remember my dreams, It's just something that happens, that being said.

    I often do have dreams about diapers, and peeing. I feel it relates to how we feel about diapers or what we are thinking before bed.

    Maybe the dream is indicating you want to have a AB/DL family, or want people to treat you as a baby?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyDenise View Post
    I don't think your crazy or stupid. Dreams are what they are!

    I rarely remember my dreams. Even if a dream wakes me up, before I can write it down, it has vanished. There is only one dream that I remember and I had it when a was a real little (However, it did not involve diapers or wetting.)
    Thanks. Thing is, I kinda am starting to want this in real life.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'd like to still go to work etc but come home to a family and be one of the babies. If that makes any sense

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    Hi Sisi hear.

    I don't think your bream is stuped. I think it wonderfull.

    I would like to have a brother to play with as well. I am luck in that I shair a house with a good freand who I call Daddy and he likes having a little boy to lookafter.

    Having a Mummy or Daddy of your own.

    you have to be very carefull as the are alot of nasty people out there. You have to chouise them as well as them wonting you. Take a long time over it and be shore on what you won't as having a parent again when you haven,t had one for a while is different.

    Some time we have to except that daddy knows best. It all part of being little. Carriers seem to be giving choices all the time which confused me and they keepet trying to get me to be a grown up.

    I have dream where I cart reach something and I car't find Daddy.

    One dream I had was not nice. I was in town and I just had a dipper on which leeked and I couldn't find my way home to get changed. Then a lady I though I knew toke me to a cafe in in front of every one told me to liy bown so she could chaige me. Then I was laying on the floor naked and I could not move with everyone look at. I don't remember what haven after that.

    Any way dreaming you are little or are a babby is OK I think. And your dream sound really nice.

    Hope this helps you


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    I'd love to be a little brother. Well, technically I am the "baby" of the family; the youngest, but I don't think it would ever be ideal here sadly. Still got the dream though.

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    What a wonderful dream
    I don't want to be a baby, I'm more of a big bro type so I sometimes wish I had someone littler than me to play with! I don't wanna take after them completely but I guess a big bro is able to change a diaper or two and do a bit more than a parent can but still play like a kid! Maybe I can do that sometime.

    But that feeling of getting so excited you wake up.. that must feel awesome!
    Also, I know of people who have a daddy + little relationship going on! Like Blonde Boy Ryan here: and he also goes for playdates very often!
    I also know a babyfur couple who are a mommy and a little baby boy :3 they have playdates, too! I wonder if there exist any bigger ABDL families though...

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    I've always wanted a mommy but the idea of a whole family is fairly new to me.

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    Sadly for me, due to the large age gap in my family 4-8 years, I never really had anyone my age to play with when I was young. I was adopted and was the first born of my biological parents. I still wonder to this day how it would be being the older brother. After I graduate from college, I plan on connecting with my half-blood siblings. Who knows, maybe one might be an abdl as well.

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    I think it would be a lot of fun having a brother to play with and two parents would make it easier for both of us to get equal attention (I require a lot of attention lol)

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