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Thread: First diaper memory after toddler

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    Default First diaper memory after toddler

    I think my journey here started when i was 5 or 6. After initially being diaper/training pants free for a while (no nighttime accidents) i had a problem with going #2 occasionally. Not medically i was just a lazy kid I guess. This only seemed to happen at the baby sitters. So one day i guess she got tired of it and put me in a diaper. While the other kids were having fun playing with the big kid toys i was sat on the floor in the living room to play with baby toys. When my mom picked me up she found out what had happened and we went home. I took off the diaper but it just felt right so i put it back on. It all picked back up when i was maybe 13 and ocassionally took a diaper or two just for fun. Later on I came across links online for people that liked it too.

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    It was when my family was going to six flags great america when I was three. I recall being taken out of my car seat and placed in my stroller. I had just woken up from a nap and at that time I was still kept in diapers. I remember my parents used to worry about my learning capabilities because I still was unable to talk, not even baby gibberish. Anywho, I recall being seated in the stroller, given some cheerios, my mom saying how cute I look, and my siblings racing off with my dad to get in line.

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    I remember when I was 4 years old, I was running around the house saying "dah dah" over and over again. My mom had asked me several times to stop and act like a big boy. Finally she got angry and told me that if I said it one more time, she was going to put me back into diapers, and if I thought she was kidding, she still had my diapers. That was my light bulb moment. I suddenly realized that I wanted to be back in diapers, but they were having company coming over and I didn't want to be embarrassed wearing diapers in front of them, so I reluctantly said no. But every since then, I knew I wanted to wear diapers, desperately.

    I worked this into my story, "Coffee Stop" which is on this site.

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    I wore diapers at night until I was nearly 5. I still remember what it was like waking up with a wet diaper. I never wanted to take ot off and my parents were kinda mad about it. I was always interested in diapers and when I had the chance to somehow get diapers I would use them. I remember finding my own old diapers when I was 7 (I think) and wearing and wetting them. I have lots of memories about diapers that I somehow remember insanely well.

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    Goodnights since I was (still am) a bedwetter.
    Then the first real diaper I bought by myself was a molicare super plus (purple) I was around 10yo

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    Interesting enough, one of my first memories of my childhood, next to the sega genesis (around 5yo) and one traumatic lip injury (3yo), was of me and my brother trying on baby diapers when I was 4 (he was 7). At least, it seems real. I remember putting one on and saying something like "I'm gonna try to poo". And then it just became an obsession to find diapers and wear them. I think I had an issue with my bladder when I was little, I wet the bed a couple times, but it never got me anywhere except noisy, plastic sheets which were not my cup of tea.

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    I guess it sorta depends on how you define "toddler." Some would call a three-year-old a toddler, regardless of walking ability, but I'll go with the dictionary definition of "a child just learning to walk." With that in mind: My oldest memory is of being diapered at bedtime by my mom. Some of the context of this memory has been lost in the mists of time, but I'm 99% certain that I was three years old and potty-trained, and was wearing diapers only for bedwetting. The memory is just fragments, and completely visual. In it, I'm lying sprawled in my bed with crib bars attached to the room-facing side. My mom pushes the back of a cloth diaper under my bottom, folds the front of it up between my legs, and fans it out. That's the end of the memory, unfortunately. After that would have come the pins and plastic pants.

    All of my cloth diapers were also used by my younger sister, and were kept around after that, whether simply to be used as rags, or for a possible third child that never arrived. Naturally, as these diapers were accessible during the entirety of my childhood, I wore them very often. And, perhaps not surprisingly, I would often role-play myself in that bedtime memory when pinning a diaper on.

    And, uniquely, I have four of the actual diapers that my sister and I wore as babies--Curity "Day/Night" prefolds. I snagged them from my parents' garage several years ago when, somewhat to my surprise, I found that the old box of diapers was right where I'd last seen it before leaving for college. So! There's something like a one-in-twelve chance that, in my current diaper stash, I have the very same diaper that my mom pinned on me in that memory. Fun to think about!

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    Well, I guess I always liked diapers, but I remember in my childhood (5yr or less) my uncles had to visited me, and their children (also 5yr) had to wear diapers for sleep. I asked if I could use too, they refused ;-;
    I remember when the movie "2012" was released, that part when the family goes camping, the woman told that girl would use Goodnites to sleep, I was very curious to search about that diaper. Until today -including Pull Ups- I prefer and I find they're more cool and than the normal diapers.

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    As a 4 or 5 year old my family traveled to visit some friends. We stayed at their house for several nights. The kids were one year and about three years younger than me and both wet the bed nightly -- I didn't know that before arriving. I myself was dry every night.
    When it was bed time, my friend put on a diaper right in front of me as I remember...and asked if I needed one.
    I remember jumping on the opportunity and putting one on. It was amazing.
    I remember staying up late talking with my friend and joking - at one point his mom came in mad and gave us both a swat on our butts. I remember how it felt to have my diapered rear swatted. My mom or she never said anything about the diaper - I can't imagine she didn't notice. Perhaps she assumed I needed it because obviously both her kids did.

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    I remember when I was probably about three or four, I was in my room...and I was SUPPOSED to be napping (but what kind of kid wants to nap?) I was just laying there staring up at the diapers/pullups that were on the top of my dresser. I don't know why my mom kept them, by this time I specifically remember being out of them, but I'm not sure for how long. I remember wanting to wear them so bad. I actually got out of bed and climbed the giant, heavy oak dresser to try and get them, like I was a mountain climber or something. Unfortunately, my mom caught me and I was yelled at and spanked all the way back to my bed. I remember crying myself to sleep and things obviously haven't been the same with my mind, ever since.

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