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Thread: How good are molicare diapers

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    Default How good are molicare diapers

    I have a chance to get the molicare diaper and wounding how good are and if their cloth or plastic back to them. My insurance is going pay for this brand if want to get from the place I go through.

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    Molie's are very nice diapers ! I don't think anyone here would turn their noses at them.

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    The molicare super plus used to be a very good nappy but here in the UK they discontinued them, replacing them with an inferior cloth backed product. They are marginally better than many of the cloth backed nappies available but still have all their inherent faults. Not sure if the originals are still available in certain markets though. Tena are slowly bringing back plastic backed nappies due to a drop in sales and assume that Molicare will follow suit at some point, although maybe not for a year or two as they made the change a little while after Tena. Until then I certainly won't be exercising my spending power at Molicares door!

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    hi monkeypuzzler

    where are you getting your tenna plastic from or do you know where i can get them from as i cant seem to find any that don't cos tan arm and a leg

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    Should get super plus or should just get the regular one? I'm really not to fan of having purple diaper but if there good so be it.

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    The Molicare Super Plus is my diaper of choice. I consider them excellent in just about every way.

    Although I can't really comment on the regular one's, the purple isn't at all unpleasing to the eye. It's a light purple that I actually prefer to white.

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    The traditional purple Molicare super plus is worth trying if you can get it. Although not the most absorbent in the upper tier of non-AB-speciality nappies, it's pretty good and it has a low SAP to pulp ratio so it is quite firm and doesn't go squishy when wet. The plastic backing is thin and soft, I find the fit comfortable, the inner standing leakguards are excellent and the tapes generally sound. I always keep some in stock here.

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    I hope can get them soon because I could use a good diaper to wear on like last few brand I tried.

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    Super plus is a good night time diaper, rank slightly lower than Abena 4
    Regular is a good quality daytime diaper.

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