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Thread: Well that was fortunate. . .

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    Default Well that was fortunate. . .

    I'm on the East Coast, so we have a blizzard going on right now. I'd suited up in a Bellisimo for the night, and was working on my housemate's computer. I leaned to the side to let out a fart. . .and it wasn't a fart. I'd been having some gastrointestinal issues all week from some bad Chinese food I got last Sunday. I thought they were all cleared out. I guess not. . . If I hadn't been wearing a diaper, that would have been a HUGE mess. I don't normally mess my diapers; I find it gross and the cleanup disgusting. But I'd rather mess a diaper than my underwear any day.

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    Like my father always says, "Never trust a fart". That has happened to me already as well, thankfully I was padded.

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    Lol- I'm laughing at the Chinese food comment because I had some on Tuesday that did not agree with me at all, maybe the Chinese are trying to increase there diaper production through bad food ? Don't take that serious lol

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    My father use to call it a "fart with fluid drive".

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    The element of surprise "A fart with a lump in it"

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    Nice one XD

    Although I never suffered from chinese food (since I only get the fried rice), I did however have a bad time last winter (2014). There was a norovirus at my high school and I caught the worst strain of it. I was 'sicking', had fatigue, was dizzy, had a high fever, and worst of all, burning, unpredictable diarrhea. First week I had it, four mornings I woke up with an extra surprise and I wasn't padded at the time. Ran to the store and bought some diapers, following week, every morning I had to change. It was the worst, especially since I still suffer some degree of bowel issues where despite diet changes and increased fiber, it is always the runs.

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    Fortunately, it was almost entirely clear liquid, so not a bad cleanup; just wish it didn't happen, because I was planning to wear that one all night and it was one of my last ones. My housemate knows I wear, and is cool with it as long as he doesn't have to see them.

    Thing about this one is, I hadn't been having real issues for a day or so, and this one gave no red flags (or would that be brown flags? ) that it could possibly be anything other than a normal fart.

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    Yes, I've discovered that deep fried cats don't agree with me either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    Yes, I've discovered that deep fried cats don't agree with me either!

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