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    I just realized I've never actually change from a diaper straight into another diaper. Usually, I only change when the wetting capacity has been reached and It's more of the wettness that makes me want to be out of diapers.

    I'm planning on doing my first consective change into a fresh from messy diaper tomorrow. I never had problems with rashes. Does anyone have any good tips?

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    Well, if you just mean that you've wet and need a change, it's pretty easy. A couple wipes or a washcloth will handle that, and I've done a few nighttime changes from wet to dry diaper where I barely cleaned off at all and just did it as quickly as possible, still with no skin problems. That might vary if you skin is more sensitive than average, but it's still a pretty easy cleanup process, don't worry too much about it.

    If you mean messy as in a dirty diaper, on the other hand, the only way I've ever dealt with that is taking a shower and I haven't a clue how to do cleanup for a dirty diaper otherwise.

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    Keep at it with wipes until they come back clean. It's a bit gross but fairly straightforward.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSun View Post
    I just realized I've never actually change from a diaper straight into another diaper. Usually, I only change when the wetting capacity has been reached and It's more of the wettness that makes me want to be out of diapers.
    I'd have to hunt around here a bit if I wanted to change back into undies...

    On my last vacation, I didn't even bother packing any underwear, just a good supply of diapers.

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    Heal your skin up before you indulge too much :O Take 2 hours of air bath every day at least.
    If you are sure you have a diaper rash caused by yeast, over-the-counter products help. We have Lamisil where I live, not sure where you live but yeah, basically the same stuff which helps to clear fungal infestation from feet also helps on diaper rash on adults. Some have said that the product's for vaginal yeast infection also helps, but I was told it is no good if the rash is already like wet and bad, and some said it will not help on skin at all.
    So yeah, better show it to a doctor, let them teach you what products work where you live and on your skin. I'd clear that rash out.

    I got a diaper rash once when I was too wet for too long and also I was a beginner so I did't realise how to take proper care of a diapered butt u_u
    Now I use zinc lotion on my skin to PREVENT rash and powder that up with talcum powder. No rashes anymore. Though I don't always use this combo, just powder does well most of the time. I take extra precautions with lotion sometimes.

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    The only thing i use is baby wipes. And i've stayed long periods of time in a wet diaper, messy not so much, maybe a couple of hours. Anyway, never had any problems or any indication that they could develop. Everyone is different so i guess you can only learn from your experience of what products you need or don't need.

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    I usually clean up from a messy diaper with a shower and then into a new diaper. You can do it with wipes but I feel cleaner with a shower. Use a barrier cream on your skin and the poop won't stick as bad and cleans off easier. I sometimes just use Vaseline.

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    Handheld shower head with soap and a washcloth cleans up everything. I take to strainer out of the bathtub drain and the diaper contents all go into the drainage system. After all the toilet is only three feet away. Slathering zinc ointment before the night diaper goes on protects against rashes. Nothing like the feel of a soft clean diaper after the shower.

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