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Thread: Other ABDL forums?

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    Default Other ABDL forums?

    So I was just wondering if there are other reputable forums for abdl's? I really like adisc but are there other places to check out?

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    I'm not on any others. The others I've attempted to be on, are more like dating sites. Each time I join, I get bombarded with PM's asking me to email pictures of myself. I prefer the actual forum / discussion type of ADISC, and haven't found any other sites like it.

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    This is the only actual forum type site I've come across, to be honest I feel ADISC is kind of hard to beat. The only other ABDL sites I've come across have been the ones that are geared towards personals and dating. As far as I know ADISC is the only site that is purely for discussion, information and support and doesn't have any kind of personals section. Likewise I'd be interested to know if there are any other decent ABDL forums out there but I'm pretty happy with ADISC although others could be interesting to check out.
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    I was about to ask the same thing. I was hoping there were other communities that orientated more around Little/AB play.

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    Yeah, and my "local" (Finland) diaper site is too fetishy for me. It's mostly horny people being horny and it's really just not for me <__>
    I'd love to meet more local ABDL people, but.. yeah, as Mattew said, they are like dating sites.

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    Feels like most other sites are much about sex, and I'm asexual so I like it better here.

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    There is ABDL storyforum index.

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    There is also the ABDL subreddit on Reddit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by magnolia View Post
    Feels like most other sites are much about sex, and I'm asexual so I like it better here.
    There is still quite a lot of it here, but it's definitely more tame in comparison...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Calico View Post
    There is ABDL storyforum index.
    There's not as much activity there as there used to be a few years ago, at least on the parts visible to non-members. Their story archive is worth a look, though. I used to be a member a few years ago, but fell out in one of their host changes and never bothered to sign up again. I recall there was some weirdness going on that I wasn't comfortable with.

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