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Thread: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Intrusive Thoughts

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    Default Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Intrusive Thoughts

    Hey everybody, I was just wondering if anybody here also suffers from OCD? I suffer from the Intrusive Thoughts. Basically My OCD brings the most sickest most disgusting thoughts and I feel like a complete liar and a bad person if I don't confess them to my family (my Mum in particular because I am a strong Mummy's boy at heart and I love my Mum more than anything in the world)

    I am sorry with all of my heart to waste another thread and post my personal problems, it's just I have nobody to talk to

    Bottom line is am I a bad person and a liar if I don't confess all my Intrusive Thoughts? It's just OCD is very hard to understand by people I beat myself up and cry all the time, trying to hide my tears from my family because of how disgusting my OCD Intrusive Thoughts are and that I just can't bring myself to confess them.

    I was just wondering if anybody here suffers with OCD Intrusive Thoughts and would like to have a chat.

    Its kind of late here right now and I am crying so I am going to grab my big Teddy Bear and put my nice soft Comfy Nappy on and just cuddle up in my big comfy Snuggly cosy bed. I just wish I had somebody to cuddle to sleep, but I have comfort in my Nappy and my Teddy Bear

    Thank you so much for reading everybody, it means so much to me and I appreciate it with all of my heart

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    I haven't been diagnosed with OCD, but I do tend to have intrusive thoughts. Most of the time I can ignore them so they don't bother me too much. I wouldn't say not confessing them makes you a bad person - it's not your fault for having them; I think the only time you really need to be concerned is if you start enjoying the thoughts, or start wanting to act on them. Then you should probably tell someone you trust and try to get some professional psychiatric help.

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    Hi Sisi hear.

    Sorry you are not felling very well. I have a friend with OCD and i know who heard it is for you to do any thing.

    my Daddy would know just by looking at me if i was not felling well with depression and anxiety or just not felling well and he would just know what to do. if your mummy is anything like my Dad then she already Knows there something wrong any way. so it may help telling her about your feelings.

    A big on line Hug from me.

    Little Sisi

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    I used to have this problem to a very big extent, especially the part about having to confess my thoughts. I know how overwhelming and frustrating it can be It's gotten a lot better for me with some therapy and medication. But there are still days when it's really hard. It feels like you just have this extra annoying burden wrapped up in these thoughts, in addition to all the other normal problems people have...

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    The only time I really had any serious OCD thoughts and what not, was right in the middle of my breakdown.

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    You should probably get a therapist to confess them all to, and also to help you deal with the intrusive thoughts.

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    I have the same to a smaller degree. Because I suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder when I was younger, I Googled BPD and Infantalism and Bitter Gray's site, "Understanding Infantalism" came up. There is a minor connection to AB/DL and BPD as well as OCD, something I also have, again to a smaller degree. I've also talked to Bitter Gray on this site, so I may be part of his data.

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    Thank you so much to everybody that has replied, all of these replies are extremely helpful and I cannot thank you enough, with all of my heart. I am actually having a better day with my OCD today, just realising that they are nothing but INTRUSIVE thoughts caused by my OCD and therefore I am not a bad, twisted person, although the needing to confess is still tearing my heart apart I guess I just have to label it as OCD and I am not a "liar" etc.

    But honestly, thank you so much everybody and my heart goes out to everybody that suffers with OCD, and Anxiety and everything else, and yes it is very interesting that a LOT of ABDLs suffer with OCD, Anxiety etc. Nearly every single Tumblr blog and other ABDL forums etc always have something along the lines of them talking about how bad their Anxiety is, it's very interesting, no wonder we like to wear Diapers for comfort!

    On a side note, I have recently cut back and am trying to quit drinking Alcohol, I was drinking very heavily for 5 months straight, not one day off for 5 months! I have got my Alcohol intake down to twice per week, I gave in yesterday because the headache I had was just literately the worst headache of my life, on top of that I seiously felt very I'll, like I was going to pass out and have a seizure, and the sad truth is that it all stopped once I had Alcohol!

    I know this is a stupid question but does anybody know if Alcohol has a link with Anxiety etc? For example I still feel Anxiety and OCD even tho I have cut down, but I guess I just have to keep telling myself that I am still withdrawing even if I don't think I am still withdrawing from Alcohol? I must be? Like does anybody know if Alcohol related Anxiety can last for a long period of time even if I don't think I am still withdrawing?

    Again I am sorry to constantly pester you all with my problems, I just don't have many people to talk to about these things in my life and I have never met such a lovely, caring, thoughtful bunch of people, I just wish you all knew how much I would like to thank you and just how appreciative I am.

    Take care everybody and stay nice and comfy x x

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    Alcohol will not help in what ails a person. That I do know.

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    I have a somewhat small form of OCD. Volume on a tv or in a car always has to be either an even number or a multiple of five for me. If it is anything else I start freaking out. I'm like a weird form of Kid Death from Soul Eater. Also, it is no problem, at least in my eyes, to post personal issues. They are mature topics after all.

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