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    Hi everyone!

    So, I may have mentioned that I'm still living at home, but my mum really doesn't get suspicious when I use kid's cutlery and stuff. However, today I went shopping (got a new paci^^ Children's size 3 kinda fits for me) and in the baby food aisle I saw all these glasses with mashed fruits and it just looked really really yummy, but it would be weird if I bought them since I can't easily dispose of the glasses, so I left them there.

    Later, I figured that I could just mash some fruits up at home. Problem: How to do that so it's not obvious I'm trying to imitate baby food? So I told my mum I wanted to make a "smoothie" by putting fruits in a mixer. I know that you have to add some kind of liquid to a smoothie to actually make it drinkable, so I "forgot" that in order to make it too thick. Then I was like "Oh, I can't drink that, I have to eat it with a spoon", happily grabbed a small spoon and tucked in :3

    Now, the cookies...I really liked the texture of the fruits, and wanted more stuff to eat with a spoon. I still had some cookies lying around that were really dry by themselves but fell apart quite easily when wet. So I crumbled them into a bit of milk and stirred until it had the right texture, then tried wasn't bad, certainly looked like baby food, but it was much too sweet. Made my tummy ache.

    I definitely recommend just mixing up fruits (I had apple, mango and banana), but the cookies thing only in very small quantities or if you have a really sweet tooth.

    So my question for you is: Have you tried any of that before? If so, did you like it and what are your favourite combinations? Did anyone question you when you did it?

    Hugs and cuddles,

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    I actually prefer my smoothies to be super thick and use a spoon .... I like lots of nutritional items in them but not the bulk of tons of liquid so I make them super thick and "eat" them. I don't think you have to lie at all .... completely normal.

    Anyway - mashed up fruit is a perfect dessert so you don't eat ice cream that is not good for you - you can use that excuse as well.

    Oatmeal and apple sauce always feels babyish for me to eat, same with any finger foods. I just tend to cut them up very tiny and have to use fingers. I had to eat pureed foods for a full month after jaw surgery so I cant do the full young baby food - has to be more "Toddler" level.

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