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Thread: What makes a diaper a diaper?

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    Default What makes a diaper a diaper?

    I'd say it's the tapes and the thickness, so things like Depends super underwear or Tena pants are actually just incontinence products and not, properly speaking, diapers.

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    Diapers are diapers. You can be broad about it, by calling any absorbent incontinent thing a diaper, or you can be more specific. I haven't really thought about them enough to name them.

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    In addition to tapes and thickness:

    The crinkliness, the babyish look and fit, the baby powder scent, and of course, the functionality for its intended purpose. I agree, underwear like products aren't really diapers, even though they're sometimes used instead.

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    well when i will often just say diapers when i mean a pull-up but there is a difference tapes are diapers and a pull-up is a pull-up

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    Sofar people are doing an excellent job in what makes a diaper, a diaper... for me, a diaper is not complete without leak guards.

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    Thick absorbent cloth that you use pins to hold in place, covered by separate waterproof pants.

    Or those plastic things with tapes.

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    I've always liked disposables, really. When I move out I might buy myself a couple of cloth diapers.

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    A diaper is whatever we want to call it...

    I think that "diaper" starts above pads and garment belts...and starts w/ pullups.

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    Diapers are those things that we wear, especially when we're babies, to keep us from peeing all over the floor. They are anything that holds said stuff until we dispose of them, or put them in the wash. Many think of diapers as, 'those things babies wear.' But we all know that's not just the case.

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    Something that covers the same amount as whitey tightie underwear but is smooth and shiny. Has some thickness and soft padding. Opens on the sides with tapes. Looks like a rectangle at first before unfolding so it has a shapeshifter aspect. Made out of plastic unlike just about every other article of clothing.
    Being born in the 80's, I probably would not have recognized cloth diapers for what they were until very recently. They just look like a folded towell or padded underwear. The shiny plastic is what makes a diaper unique to me.

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