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Thread: Papercraft from japan, Hope you like it.

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    Talking Papercraft from japan, Hope you like it.

    Hello everyone, Basically I discovered this site when i was still doing papercrafting, and i figured you all would like it to use in your little time,

    Basically just click on one of the parts of the area, go through until you see a building you like click on a building, click on the blue button and then print and download, there's really no language barrier, although you may need adobe acrobat scene they are PDF files.

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    i used to love making paper models, up until just over 1 year ago. when things went pair shaped, an unlce from me, tought me how to make paper planes, ships and tanks, from scratch, and i loved it.. He was like a father to me, (hard to explain) but we had a falling out which caused me some depression.

    I took up paper modelling once again, to alieviate that depression and things were going well, i even started a you tube channel called the Papermaker where i illustrated step by step how to make a model aircraft carrier out of paper, all was going well, until a person from an unnamed forum, insulted my model, and me to boot, and refused to appologise, or let me defend myself..

    I ended up ripping the model to pieces, stopped recording and posting (even though it was 75% complete. and had a severe bout of depression, which ended with me taking 2 weeks lone walking all over the UK, with several attempts at killing myself.

    now, im back on track, and purchase pre designed models from poland, which i make up, im currently working on the bismark.. (i no longer post videos) as i cannot handle more insults regarding the modelling, as its my way of coping with the loss of a great man, who i considered more of a father to me than my own dad..


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