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Thread: I hate the situation I am in

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    Angry I hate the situation I am in

    So, I'm still living with my parents. Which is pretty annoying because I can't do whatever I want and I've been like this since I was 12 and I really really really want to live out my fantasies but I can't. I don't want my parents to know because to be honest, its weird af. My last year of school now which is gonna be good bet then I got uni and I don't know what to study and I wake up every morning living out my sexual fantasies but I have come to realise that that probably won't happen until like 3-5 years from now. And I am not going to go to anyone about it cause I don't want people to find out about it. And I am just angry all the time cause I can't do what I want.

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    try to talk to them tell them how you feel and if tha don't work then moving out may be your only option

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    I think that just about everyone who lives with their parents has some opportunities to indulge. If you have a way to get diapers and other items into the house, a place to hide them and dispose of used ones, and some time alone/a bedroom door with a lock, it's possible. I live at home with fairly nosy parents, but I have my methods; hell, I even wear diapers around them sometimes (under my clothes of course), and no one's the wiser.

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    I had/still have this problem. I was very frustrated for a time because of it. The fear of telling people who simply won't get it. All I can say is find someone who you can vent to, and who will accept you for you.

    Sorry I can't be much more of a help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dragon123 View Post
    try to talk to them tell them how you feel and if tha don't work then moving out may be your only option
    Unless you have some really good reasons to stay(free rent during school) or can't(medical) go moving out is the best option.

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    It isn't much of a Consolation, but I waited almost my entire life to get Diapers. Try to put that in the back of your mind as much as possible. Your job now is to focus on your future because nobody will get you there besides you .

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    Sorry. I know the pain. I wasn't ever really able to get any good diapers until I moved out of my parents house. I could still get some stuff and hide it. But I was mostly using Pull-ups, Size 6 baby diapers and Goodnites.

    You should be able to find some private time. Are you sharing a room with someone? I know that can make things harder too. I shared a room with my brother until he moved out to go to college. After he moved out, it was a bit easier for me to do stuff.

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    My bedroom was the attic in my parents' house and since I was an only child, I could get away with wearing and using. Even at that, I eventually got caught when my mom searched my room.

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    I no longer have this issue, since my parents passed-on years ago.
    Trouble is, yes, it is your parent's house, and therefore, their rules.
    I patiently bided my time, all the while sneaking diaper wearing/using and secret little times, until I was free to be myself.
    Yes, I understand your situation and your feelings about it.

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    Similar situation, but with somewhat nosy stay-at-home parent. It helps to pay half the rent... it's technically both of ours place, so I can use the "I'll do what I want with my imaginary half of the house." if I want (and have, with success). Depends on the family, I guess. Up until then, it was dad's house, dad's rules, though.

    If you really feel the need to, though, sneak stuff in and out. Just be aware that you may get caught, and consider that when deciding if it's something you really need to do now, or if you "didn't really want to try that until college anyways". And you can always ask yourself that again and again.

    What I do, because I'm the sly fox, is set family up in different but related situations to see how they react, then extrapolate. Better yet if the thing itself comes up unrelated to me, so I can just observe it directly.

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