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    Default Hello!

    Wow, I'm glad I found a site like this. I've been lurking for a month, and it's finally time to come and say hello.

    So hello!

    Live in Las Vegas, which is an extremely interesting place to live in, I must say. I cannot wait to leave and go to college!

    Anyway, as for my story: a *B/DL since the age of 5 or 6 years old. I remember suppressing these feelings for a long time, and it wasn't till I was 16 I truly embraced who I am. I am glad that I found this website to find others who are like me.

    That's it really.

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    Welcome, welcome.

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    Welcome to ADISC!

    What's your favorite colour? (England spelling!)

    Mine is purple.

    Point being, that's not everything.

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    Mesmerale: I have to say blue, and I'm not sure if that has England spelling. : P

    Thanks everybody; I appreciate : )

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    welcome to the site! you have a cool name. post lots and feel free to join the chat as well.

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    haha thanks avery; I have to say your name is pretty cool too; could write a book with that name, like "John Avery" or something like that : P

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    Hay, another person from Vegas. Welcome! n.n

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    Awesome Neonite! Vegas!

    Thank you everyone else, you have made me feel so welcome : D

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