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    hi, I'm looking at maybe picking a Onezie from Baby-pants up and was wondering about sizing and stretch, there's a thread in the reddit about it I read but two rather important messages were deleted lol

    I'm 270lbs, 54" bust, 50"waist, and the length from my neckline to the middle of the crotch with a bit of room is 40"

    so I think 4X is what I want, but I've read that even after multiple washes these stretch alot and I obviously don't want it to be baggy or loose. especially around the bust (but not tight either obviously) anyone know? D:

    The measurements confuse me a bit because the length is doubled, is the waist/chest as well? or are they actually measuring the entire way around? it seems they could use some work with how they phrase things >_>

    can anyone give their stretchiness/experiences (bonus points if you were 3/4X sizing and offer input!) with these?

    Xposting elsewhere too for faster results :3 don't let this get buried like my food idea question please lol.

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    I am 250 lbs, 48 inch chest, 35 inches neck to crotch. Baby-pants onzies size 1 XL large fit me perfectly. Hope this helps.

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    I'm not sure if my experience will help or not.

    I've got a few of them in a Medium size. If I remember correctly, they started out huge, and after a wash and dry; they shrank down some. After the first time I dried them, I stopped using the dryer. I was worried that they might shrink more. I hang mine up to dry now. Like with any piece of clothing, it's going to fit more snugly, when you first put it on. As the day goes on tho, it will stretch out some. It makes sense that it would stretch out some. I mean, it's like you've got a shirt stretched around you. That material isn't going to resist stretching like a pair of pants would. But anyway, from my experience it does stretch out during the day. But when you wash and dry it, it shrinks back.

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    I've got one in Medium - My waist is 32 inches and neck to crotch is 27 inches (if I measured it correctly). The sleeves fit just right but it hangs too low and the leg holes are too big. After washing and drying, it'll be tighter in the crotch when I first put it on. However, it ends up loosing up as I continue wearing it.

    If I recall correctly, BabyPants recommends washing it a few times when you first get it, so it shrinks to the right size. However, due to being in college at the time, I didn't wash it when I got it. I'm not sure if that has made a difference in how it fits.

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    I think they based their sizing off of typical t-shirt sizes, and personally I found this to be true. They do shrink after you wash/dry them but I found that when I wore it after it shrank it filled out back to it's normal size. If you're concerned about that though you can order a size higher. I have a medium and a large and the large is only a little baggy the medium fits perfect. Hope this helped sorry I don't have my specific measurements but again I'd just go with what your typical shirt size is.

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    I'd look at the 3x personally
    I'm not that much smaller than you (115cm waist), the 4X might be a bit of a tent

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    yeah, I went with 3X late last night, will bump this when it arrives for result *crosses fingers*

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    have worn it three times now, washed once and it fits okay I guess, the arms are a bit snugger than I'd like, and I badly need some hips for the area at the top of the leg openings to be snugger, I do have to kinda stretch a bit much to secure it now after washing it

    took some pictures and uploaded them, this was pre-washing though

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