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Thread: 20 more sleeps before my birthday

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    Default 20 more sleeps before my birthday

    Hi everyone.

    Gess what?

    I got 20 more sleeps before it my birthday.

    I would love to invite everyone to a birthday party but it might be too far for you to come I live in Devon wich is in the uk..

    Daddy's up to something. And he won't tell me what it is. I have to what and see. But I really won't to know now.

    Any way I just thought that everyone would want to know that I am going to be 5 ish again maybe.

    He he


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    Hi Sisi hear.

    Guess what.

    i Just found out what Daddy was up to this morning. I going to D~Arts to morrow. the D is for Disability, and lots of people with disability can go and do art and stuff. it is mostly people with a learning disability that go. but they are the best kind because they don't judge me. they just accept me for who i am.

    so i going to have lots of fun and i might make some new freands and just maybe meet someone that is little like me.

    I will let every one know how was.

    Daddy said that i have to be a good boy now and go to sleep so the morning can come sooner.

    night night every one.

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    Ah....I wish I could attend, but the Honda Pilot won't drive across the Atlantic Ocean. I do hope you have a great birthday.

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    Hi everyone.

    Guess what.

    It now 19 more sleeps. And I get to go to D Arts today.

    I awake like supper early becouse I am a excited little boy. Must try not to wack up Daddy, but it is his foult for telling me.

    I got to think of something to do quitley. Or maybe I play hover the carpet that might make Daddy happy.

    He he.

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