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Thread: soo this just happend

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    Default soo this just happend

    I was taping a fresh diaper on and one of the tapes pulled clean off. Luckly it has three tapes on each side(depends protection with taps)

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    You'll have that with the Depend brand. Try not pulling so hard, the extra tapes will keep it up without having to be pulled really tight.

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    this is the first time it has happened to me but its what ever. its on tight.
    Thanks for the advice

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    That's no fun! I've never had that problem with Depends. For all their faults, the tapes always worked very well for me. Hope you don't run into that again.

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    When I use Depends w/Tabs I usually only use the top and bottom tapes. That way if one fails or I absolutely have to re-tape I have an extra to use.

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    I've had a couple of Bambino diapers do that. I either pulled too hard on the tapes or it was a manufacturing defect.

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    I've had that *almost* happen a few times. I've pulled on a tape and it felt like something was beginning to give. I have so far stopped pulling before the tape came off and taped it a little more loosely than usual.

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    I seem to be horrible at taping adult diapers .... almost every one of the tapes on one side of my abena S4 I have pulled too hard and almost ripped off. The first side I'm great with and then the second side, bah! almost ripped off. Oh well there is always duct tape. I think I'm going back to goodnights, underjams and pampers extra protection - they are more comfy, just wish their crotch area near the bum was a touch bigger, it gives me a wedgie sometimes :/

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    A few months ago, I accidentally bought cloth-backed Abenas instead of plastics. Maybe it's just the way I diaper myself, but I'd say that, of the package I bought, the velcro tapes had a 50% failure rate on at least 1 side. Really dissapointing failure of an otherwise superb high-capacity diaper. Thank god for packing tape haha.

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    I've never had trouble with tapes ..I go between M4's and dry 24/7 usual a case of each at time , just started a run of 24/7's and it always take me a few to get them where they don't leak when full by morning

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