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    Does anyone know of like a diaper comic series (that you dont have to buy)
    like can read online

    I just like comics and diapers so why not together?
    but ive been trying to find one for awhile and no luck
    anyone seen any?

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    FoxTalesTimes has some good comics, and some cute TB/DL/BF art.

    You could also try searching for torrents of the ones you have to buy. (illegal. Do this at your own risk. (you wouldn't get caught though))

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    I think their are some available online do a google search

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    I checked out FoxTalesTimes.
    It was fairly disappointing.

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    FoxTalesTimes is okay....
    but none of them are in color not that is a nessasity but its nice to see

    I try doing a google searches they dont work really but ill try some more and see what i can find

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    I think that the reason nothing great is turning up is due to the fact that coming up with a story for, writing, and illustrating a full comic takes a massive amount of time, something most people don't have to write a DL comic.

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    I found it =D
    theres acually comics that involve AR on this site

    I found some of them really funny if you wnat to take a look
    p.s. (the site has music F.Y.I. so if your doing it near ppl that dont know you might want to mute
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