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Thread: Carseats and strollers

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    Question Carseats and strollers

    So I was reading some closed posts on fitting into toddler carseats and strollers and noticed most people saying they can't fit but a couple of people could, so I decided to google and see if anyone my height can fit in a carseat.. Turns out I am the exact height that the official UK carseat safety website recommends waiting until to move onto just the normal seat.. I wondered why seatbelts still strangle me slightly

    So, anyone else able to fit into toddler sized items?

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    Not sure; how tall are you? I'm five foot ten and probably 130 something pounds.

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    My dream is to get a britax car seat .... the USA version is rated for up to 95 pounds with 5 point harness (Canadian version is the identical seat but only government regulated to 65 pounds)!! And my shoulder height is only ..... 1" taller than the highest recommended! So I think I would fit very well.

    Everyone makes fun of me with booster seats because I do fit all of them since most go up to at least 100 pounds .... I do wish I could use one in the driver seat since I sit a touch lower than where I should - what happens when you are only 5 feet tall and most of the height is in my legs.

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    Out of curiosity, how tall are you?

    I'm way too big to ever fit in toddler stuff. Probably part of the reason I like being a daddy. Some fantasies are just a little too uneconomical. :p

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    Same with me KarmaBaby, I am 5ft too! everyone calls me a midget at work I actually get told "Your too little to help" by the guys, I used to hate being told I was too small but now I love it

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    5 ft 11. No strollers for me :<, Unless I went full crazy and built one. But then, I would need a crazy giant person to push it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrPurple View Post
    5 ft 11. No strollers for me :<, Unless I went full crazy and built one. But then, I would need a crazy giant person to push it.
    Oh dear I know some people who are 6ft 5 - 6ft 6 if you want me to ask them

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    No would be to big now.

    I would love it though but I don't think Daddy would.

    He he something to ask for just to tease him.



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    I most likely would, (Being 5'4" 130 pound) but would most likely not try it.

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    I'm too tall for most things, but I'm skinny though, but still the height stops me from being able to do/fit into a lots of things. I'm 6'4"

    In my car, if I could get the seat frames, I have a racing seat that hugs me fairly tight, like toddler carseats do.

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