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Thread: Does getting your hair brushed make you feel little?

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    Default Does getting your hair brushed make you feel little?

    So when my daddy was visiting me in December during the nights he'd feed me my bottle and brush my hair.

    But when he brought out the brush and started it just made me feel very very little, more so then the bottle. I am just wondering, does getting your hair brushed make you feel the same way?

    And what things make you feel little?

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    Yes, it does. Well, at least, it used to. Now, I have very short hair, like ~1cm long (rip my perfect headbanging hair).
    But, you're right, I find that having your hair stroke or brushed is very close to the "cliché" mother/daughter bonding moment before bed and it makes me feel cared and loved.

    I'm still very sensitive on my head (you see those head massager that looks like a spider, best feeling in the world) and I love when my gf is stroking my short hair while we cuddle. It makes me feel very little, especially if I'm resting on her chest or lap.

    Otherwise, there are all the classics : being spoonfed, having a bottle, getting dressed as a LG,...

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    Hey, thats a good question, actually yes it does I didnt even think about it but I had my hair cut just before christmas and it was awesome!! And now when I found your question I realize it was because it made me feel like a kid!!!

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    Daddy gently stokes mine while I have a bedtime story it seem to help me settle down in bed.

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    I always find when someone strokes my hair I get very relaxed. Does this mean I am a cat?
    Koda42's short hair problem is part of the reason I keep my hair long enough on top for some petting action so that if anyone is felling up to the task they can.

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