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Thread: Traumatization Theory Poll

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    Default Traumatization Theory Poll

    I apologize if this has ever been done before, but I was just rather curious on the number of "Traumatized" vs "Normal" (Average and Healthy), we have among us.

    Traumatized being a broad subject: If the situation made a negative impact on your life, no matter what the reason is or however major or minor, I will group this under one category. (Unless someone has a better way of doing this, I'm great at taking advice )

    "Normal" (Average and Healthy) being: Those who went through the average amount of growing pains, mental, physical and common colds. Reasonable loving families and overall doing well with no major problems.

    I will leave it up to those who answer the poll with "Traumatized", to decide if they would like to disclose their own person info, but I do not expect it. I'm just wondering if there are any common occurrences.

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    This is actually an interesting subject as what can be considered traumatizing can be Veery broad. there's everything from major traumas to more subtle traumas often lying dormant in a persons subconscious affecting them later on in life.

    For me I guess you can put me under the major category. Rape was a huge trauma for me and it kinda affect me today but I try to think of it in a more positive light because it could've happen to anyone else. but because I know what it felt like would I want to let anyone else experience it in my place.
    That was the main question I had to ask myself. sure it wasn't easy but I have my life and that the thing I most happy for.

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    Yeah traumatized fits me.

    Mom and Dad split up, move to a small town, where I'm hated and constantly bullied at school because I wasn't born and raised in said small town... I've always been bullied but it was worse here. Molested by my oldest brother who is like 10 years older than me and that's only within about 18 months.

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    Nope. Trauma doesn't fit me.

    Some bullying in school because of my small size and brains, but nothing I'd consider traumatic or even out of the ordinary. Everybody takes crap for something or other when they're a kid.

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    Trauma over here.

    Sexually assaulted in seventh grade by a class mate and forced upon by a girl (down down by her friends) while shadowing a high school. Definitely influenced my gender/overall trust issue. Fell out of a pine tree at a young age, breaking several branches, and finally landing on the rock slabs below --> bad back/fear of heights. Had a gun held against my head by my loony nephew (he got a hold of his dad's pistol) --> jumpy around fire arms. In soccer I popped my leg from its socket and had to have it forced back in --> I now hobble when I walk. Hand sanitizer thrown into my eyes by grade school bullies --> I had to get glasses. In pre school I was struck over the top of the skull with a battery powered light saber hilt --> later caused memory issues (the kid who did so was expelled and got mental help). Got lost when I was 5 for four hours straight --> fear of being lost or separated. List goes on and on.

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    I voted traumatized for growing up with limited contact with people my own age and thus not being properly socialized.

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    Traumatized here, on so many levels. From abandonment/Attachment disorder to sexual assault, dead friends and family, and pretty much everything in between.

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    I selected traumatized even though I really don't think I am traumatized. XD My life definitely fits the traumatized one though and then some.

    Example, father went to jail when I was like ...3 or 4 ... maybe it was 5 .. lol who knows I was too young to remember what age. Apparently he sexually assaulted my oldest sister. Then my Mom extorted him using my sister to lie in court. Then they got divorced. It was all down hill from there. Course it got worse when my oldest sister got older and started dating him on her own. Then she got found out and kicked out. Then my step dad took us out to eat to celebrate ... lol no kidding XD. Guy was a douche.

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    Traumatized somewhat, being physically abused throughout primary school not just your average, teasing, I mean full on being punched, having bruises, scars from having one of my fingers sliced open, knee caps scared etc. don't want to go into too much detail.

    I would say I'm traumatized because it works its way back to me, I have issues going around places by myself, and have paranoia and trust issues, due to being betrayed a lot.

    Although, I think my "brain" has suppressed my past and my emotions, but it does come back to me, by suppressed I mean, It wasn't a conscious thing, It's just something my brain does to protect itself, I don't know how to explain it.

    Somewhat It has lead down the path of anxiety and depression, I get panic attacks if I get into arguments with friends or if I get them angry, due to people lashing out in the past, I've had my head bashed into a poll just for disagreeing with someone (a so called friend), so I think you get the full idea of why.

    Some days, I care so little about it like it never happened, other days, I get full on flash backs, It's very weird, but being said its something that does effect me weather or not I pay attention to it, It effects my actions and I cannot look or trust people the same ever again.

    The sad thing is, I have troubles opening up about my past, because people always accuse me of lying, while I'm the most honest person you can come across, i told one of my so called close friends about my finger being sliced open, they accused me lying. yet I have a huge scar to prove it, there like oh, that not a scar. So i disbanded them and have nothing to do with them anymore.

    I've went though both mental and physical abuse, not by family or anything just bullying, I know this might sound weird, but I never really told anyone about it, my parents did notice the blood and I've been sent home before having my hand covered in blood etc, I kept it to myself and said it was an accident, than they eventually worked it out. I've always felt that It was my fault and I would get into trouble for telling on them. (as the bullies were very manipulative people)

    However thankfully most of the physical abuse, never happens to me anymore, and is mostly mental, people backstabbing making rumors up etc, It's still bad though. You hear people saying that high school is the best days of your life, I'm glad I'm out of there.

    All that bullying eventually led to me, feeling less of a human, and unwanted etc. I'm not entirely sure I class it as traumatized as other people have had it worse off than me.

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    I was sexually abused by other kids when I was young, but the biggest trauma was a physical one when I was 14. I got hit by a car that was running a red light, doing about 40 mph. The impact knocked me out. I thought I was in this very safe place, and there was this amazing feeling of peace, and I was surrounded by light. Then I came do lying flat on my back on Rt. 37 with both bones in my leg broken and a big dent in my forehead that is still there to this day. A half a year later I was able to return to school. It changed me in many different ways.

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