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Thread: Relationships and Understanding Myself

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    Question Relationships and Understanding Myself

    I don't think this is a new topic for ADISC, so if there are other threads out there I would love to read them.

    So I have been dating the moat wonderful person for about about a year and half now, and as our relationship has progressed emotionally as well as sexually the topic of what we would like to try sexually has had me thinkjng more about my ABDL interests. We have had a few conversations about ABDL, and I have not been able to explane it in a way I find right. I think part of it has to do with my lake of understanding of these fellings, or experience with them.

    So my question is...

    How would I explane these fellings to her?

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    Hmm, well there isn't enough information there to really answer this question. I took the liberty of looking up your intro and it sounds like you used to be a bed wetter and you like wearing diapers, which is a good start, but still isn't enough to figure out how to approach the topic of your sexual interests along with a girlfriend. So, here are some questions for you to think about.

    -Do you want to wear diapers around her? If so, when and how often? Should they be involved in sex (don't get graphic per board rules please)?
    -Do you want her to wear diapers?
    -Would you like other baby things too?
    -Do you want her to treat you like a baby? Separately from sex, as part of it, or both?

    You've already told her about ABDL, so the question is figuring out what you want and then once you know that you can think about how you want to talk about it and explain it in a way that satisfies you.

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    Yeah, I think ArchieRoni has a point. It's impossible for us to know how much ground you've already covered. My experience has been to take it slowly, a little bit of information at a time. The logical start would seem to me to be diaper wearing. You might ask her where her comfort level is, because that's going to determine everything. How would she feel about you wearing a diaper in her presence? If she's comfortable with that, then take that first step. The next step might be having a plushie, because girls typically like plushies and I don't think a plushie pushes as many buttons as using a baby bottle.

    My wife has bought me many plushies, three this Christmas. But when I drink from my baby bottle, she never comments and I think it makes her uncomfortable. Sippy cups are a different matter as she bought me a new sippy cup for Christmas. So I think your first step is finding out where her comfort level is.

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    Google Understanding Infantilism and look at the ABDL Primer there. That would be something good for her to read to get a feel for things.

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    There's been some good advice given here already and to be honest I'm not sure I have too much to add and am probably just going to echo others but I'll share my thoughts anyway.

    First as has already been said try and figure out just how much and to what extent you would like her to participate. Also I agree with what has already been said about taking it slowly try and introduce things to her steadily don't overload her with too much information. I'm going to go ahead and presume that if you've already h some discussions about ABDL then she hasn't completely rejected the idea. However do be prepared that she may still find it something that is very difficult for her to get her head around and try not to push her comfort levels too hard. There was recently a thread started on here regarding good books written about relationships and ABDL I think someone on that thread recommended a book called "There's a baby in my bed" which has been written by the partner of an ABDL.

    Take it slow and steady, don't try to force things too much. As has already been suggested here maybe just start of with seeing if she's comfortable with you wearing when with her.

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