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    Good morning fellow AB's and DL's

    Well, with many a recent post, and wanting to do it just to do it, I'm taking a plunge towards Valentine's weekend (have house to myself) and going to pull the trigger on ordering some Pampers size 6. (Are curisers or BabyDry preferable BTW)

    Anyways, my question lays with the shipping options. I'll order off of amazon, but I want to maintain as much discretion as possible. Packs of 21 are plastic bags and would have to be shipped in a box. Price point wise, the logical option is to buy an economy pack, but those are all in clearly marked Pampers boxes. Is there a large count option that permits being totally discrete, are there other ways of ordering economy packs so that they're in another unmarked box?

    Thanks for the help,
    (Dos Equis) I'm listening

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    To the best of my knowledge, if it is fulfilled and shipped by Amazon, it will be in an Amazon box.

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