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    Hi their ADISC!! My name is Emma!
    I have been an AB/DL for my entire life, but I am just not getting on to this site. I love to wear diapers and suck of my pacifier. I use ABU diapers, first cloth backed cushies but recently I have been using the furry diapers.
    I am looking to buy a onesie but I have been having trouble finding a website that accepts credit card and not paypal. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it.
    I would love to get to know any ABDL no matter the size, gender, sex, or any other thing that might be a discriminating factor.
    I am a male by birth but took the name Emma because it is beautiful. IDK what my gender is and I am bisexual. TBH I am a skinny fairly attractive boy, but I love people no matter who they are. I am willing to share pictures once I get to know others intimately.
    Please give me a chance. You might be surprised. I am not your typical ABDL.

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    Welcome emmarandolph! That was quite the introduction. You have good taste in diapers. ABU are good ones! I don't know what sites you're looking at but most I've seen accept credit cards.

    Posting pictures here is OK, but if you haven't read the rules yet, this isn't a meeting place, more of a support site. Having said that, does anyone know about your AB side? Some friends can be accepting. Not so much others.

    Of course, we're all accepting here.

    What are some of your interests? Are you a gamer?

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    I have purchased a very large collection of onesies from Babykins and they either take credit cards or they love sending me "free stuff" I highly doubt it's the latter, Welcome to ADISC Emma this is a great place.

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    Hi Emma and welcome. I've bought a number of things, diapers and Baby Pants training pants on Amazon that have come from other companies, and for the same reason. Amazon takes credit cards.

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    Hi Emma. Very nice introduction. I don't have any onesies, sorry. But I do have a few footed PJs - I recommend JumpinJammerz. I also love ABUs as well as Bambinos. The other thing I love is my pacifier from PacifiersRUs.

    How long have you been into ABDL stuff? Any idea what got you interested? By the way, I think Emma is a perfectly good name for a boy or girl, whatever you feel you are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by emmarandolf View Post
    I am looking to buy a onesie but I have been having trouble finding a website that accepts credit card and not paypal.
    I'd recommend Baby Pants. You can buy from their website or on Amazon. You can get onesies in either a solid color (blue, yellow, white, pink, etc.) or you can get ones with prints.

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    Yeah actually you remind me at Babykins if you find a really nice fabric print that you like you can send it to them and they will make your onesie for like 10 or 15 bucks.its awesome service!

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